Omega 3 Fatty Acids A Boon for Men’s Health

Of late a lot has been said about omega – 3 fatty acid and its wonderful health benefits . It is a top nutrient for research for its numerous health benefits. So what exactly is omega -3 fatty acid? Well, they are essential fatty acids (or poly unsaturated fatty acids) which is essential for maintaining good health. Are you a victim of poor memory, mood swings /depression, dry skin, poor circulation and cardiac problem?
If you do , it is high time you have included omega -3 fatty acids in your diet.

Most of the Americans suffer from fatal heart disease due to the lack of these essential fatty acids in their diet; their typical diet may include lot of saturated fat from the animal, butter, mayonnaise etc.

These unhealthy fats can play havoc with your life and is the cause for many disturbing health factors.

Are you intrigued to know how it can boost men’s health? Well, men are susceptible to coronary heart disease, if omega -3 fatty acid is included in the diet, it helps to lower triglycerides and increases HDL cholesterol.

It wards off the clotting tendency of blood, a causative factor for heart attacks. Hypertension which is a prime health problem in man, can find their frayed nerves soothing with omega – 3 fatty acids.

Prostrate problems affects a vast majority of young and old men , studies have shown that it can reduce the risk of advanced prostate cancer.It is great to maintain skin health. Lack of it can produce severe dermatitis. A host of other diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, depression, macular degeneration etc responds well with omega -3 fatty acids.

How to obtain omega -3 fatty acids? Well, it abounds in fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout, tuna and herring. It is also rich in soya bean and its oil, tofu, flax seed and its oil, canola oil, walnuts and pumpkin seeds etc.

The key to good health is simple; all you have to do is to strike the right balance with the right choice of food. Have a fair knowledge of the foods that you eat rather than looking for sumptuous meal with all the wrong foods. Omega -3 fatty acids is a boon, just inculcating it in the diet on a regular basis can boost a man’s health with maximum health benefits.

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