Patanjali And Ashtanga Yoga

According to the meditative practices of Hinduism (Buddhism and Jainism to some extent), Yoga modulates the physical, verbal and mental functions of human body.

The great sage Patanjali believes that Yoga is a rich philosophical path to achieve the excellence of physical and mental health. However, the discourse of sage Patanjali and his Yoga principles remain unfinished, unless we shed some light on Ashtanga Yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga aims to relieve the stress and tensions by relaxing both mind and body. The yoga practitioners consider that Ashtanga yoga acts upon collectively on mind, body and soul. However, the secret of its benefits lies on its mantra.

Composed from eight limps, the mantra of Ashtanga yoga is framed with the purpose of benefitting your whole body, mind and soul. Practicing the yoga postures with the mantras, everyday, will also develop and nurture the positive virtues like honesty, kindness, faith in Almighty and worshipping Him.

Ashtanga yoga endeavors to the overall well being of the body. Therefore, all the associated methods of the yoga end up with successful results, if complemented by systematic physical workouts. The architect of this yoga, sage Patanjali said that the principal focus of Ashtanga Yoga is to achieve internal bliss of human mind. Following this theory, the earlier yoga practitioners attain their long-term goals with the ecstasy of their peaceful mind and body.

The key impact of Ashtanga yoga is felt with increasing energy level of the practitioner. With an extensive impact on entire man body, Ashtanga yoga helps in expelling all toxins that are released by metabolic and bodily functions of human being. A lot of medical experts nowadays have recognized the health benefits of deep breathing during the Ashtanga yoga.

However, many people find Ashtanga Yoga difficult to perform, chiefly due to the postures associated with it. According to the yogic theories of Patanjali, Ashtanga yoga has three stages-primary, intermediate and advanced.

The postures differ subsequently with the yoga stages, and the meticulous practice can help in mastering the art. A yoga practitioner can help you mastering the intense and more difficult stages of Ashtanga yoga. However, a sheer diligence is required from the learner’s part.

Primarily, Ashtanga Yoga is strongly recommended for the athletes than the others. Experts believe that Ashtanga Yoga facilitates bodybuilding and retains the fitness of those who already have a good physique.

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