Pilates Exercises for Overall Fitness

Pilates is currently one of the most popular exercise systems prevalent in the world. Developed sometime in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates, it came across as one of the most effective exercise programs that helped in systemic fitness of the body. It focuses on six main principles – Centering, Control, Flow, Breath, Precision and Concentration.

Modification is very important with each exercise in the Pilates program to ensure that it is benefiting the person adopting the program. This is because good amount of modification not only makes the workout challenging for the person, but also makes it safe so that no particular body tissue is damaged because of overstressing.

The core muscles of the abdomen and the back are what are developed first. It is believed in this program, that once the core strength is worked upon, and there is enough stability in the torso, it can help achieve good movement in the rest of the body too, with the abdomen and back muscles working in sync with other muscles. This is precisely the reason why a lot of people are able to eradicate their back pain with the help of this program. And people like dancers and athletes gain more strength, stamina and flexibility. For that matter, women wanting to go in for a good exercise program after childbirth too should go for Pilates, as it is very effective.

With Pilates, there is improved breathing and blood circulation in the body, which helps to energize the person in sometime. This means that with proper and regular exercising, the person starts to feel more active, and the body muscles start toning very well for a leaner and smarter look.

A lot of the Pilates exercises are done on the mat, while the others are done on specific equipment developed by Joseph Pilates. The idea in both cases is to make the person use his/her own body weight to create pulleys or resistance forces. Also, the focus is not doing as many repetitions as possible. Instead, doing complete exercises with precision is what matters more to be able to get good results.

If carried out properly, Pilates gives excellent results within a very short period of time itself.