Pilates Vs. Conventional Workouts

Conventional fitness routines are normally associated with intense cardio workouts, followed up by muscle building and high impact exercises. These workouts are not exactly suitable for all ages, thanks to the intensity of the exercises and required exertion. The traditional workouts can cause body pain, exhaustion and strain core muscles, especially when they are overdone. This system does however speed up the process of getting into shape.

Of late, fitness experts are advising their clients to follow a more holistic and less stressful exercise regime to achieve the desired results. This is where pilates have made a huge difference.

A German by name of Joseph Pilates invented the technique that has sought to align the mind with body. The exercises were initially called contrology since the idea behind the technique was to use the mind to control the body. Pilates exercises revolve around strengthening torso muscles and the spine. In comparison with high impact workouts, these routines are slow in pace, safe for all ages and promote slender and sleeker builds without excessive bulk. Weight loss is more gradual and cannot be achieved within a short span of time.

Several Hollywood stars swear by pilates as a sure fire way to fitness and well being without straining to achieve a toned body. Professional athletes use the technique to strengthen their bodies and increase flexibility. The exercises also condition the body so as to prevent injuries while playing any sport and help in recovering from any injuries, should they occur. In fact, many physiotherapists suggest pilates as a safe method to improve circulation and strengthen the body after an injury.

Pilates help build a certain amount of grace and balance into an otherwise clumsy body.  People who tend to stoop or hunch or have any other postural problems can try pilates exercises to correct their posture and strengthen the spine.

Those who suffer from back pain or aching joints can greatly benefit from this exercise routine, which does not put undue stress on the postural muscles. Low stamina levels are quickly replaced with energy and a refreshing sense of well being. This type of workout lays a great deal of stress on breathing techniques. Proper breathing is crucial to maintain a comfortable pace while exercising as is concentration. Without focus, it is hard to actually gain much from pilates exercises. The movements in these routines are more deliberate and controlled and hence, require a good deal of concentration.