Power Yoga – The New Mantra Of Fitness

In today’s world, people are constantly in the search of new methods to stay fit and healthy.Power yoga has emerged as the new fitness buzzword among the masses.

Power yoga is a variation of yoga, which will provide you with a full body workout and which will make you lose weight at a very fast pace.It is a fusion of many yoga disciplines combined with cardiovascular workouts. Power yoga is also termed as dynamic yoga.

Power yoga is based on Ashtanga Yoga.It is a fast paced form of exercise wherein you move quickly from one pose to the other.In power yoga, one exercise basically counteracts the movement of the previous exercise. Here the focus is on simultaneous breathing and movement.

No fixed sets of poses are followed and the sequence of poses will vary with your instructor. A power yoga session usually lasts for about 90 minutes. It starts with a sun salutation. In power yoga, you typically do an asana or a yoga pose followed by strength training. A sequence of poses will comprise a session of power yoga.

The breathing should be done in coordination with your posture This in turn will helps to create body heat. Power yoga will make you sweat a lot and at the same time will help you build up your strength. Here the entire body is given a complete workout.

The benefits of power yoga are many.

The calorie burning capacity of the body is increased and thus it helps you to fight obesity and will ensure a quick loss of weight.The toxins in the body are cleared through sweating.The blood circulation is boosted and the immune system is also strengthened by performing power yoga.

The stretches involved in power yoga helps to improve the flexibility of the muscles. By maintaining the poses for long periods of time, the endurance of your muscles can also be improved. Here our own body weight is used to provide resistance and improve strength. The core muscles are strengthened and as a result your posture will be improved by performing the yoga.

Power yoga also helps in improving our concentration and relieving our stress and tensions. Age is not a limitation when it comes to performing power yoga. But if you are pregnant or have any medical condition, then it is recommended that you take the advice of your physician before starting off with power yoga.

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