Pregnancy After Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a health related disorder which occurs in women, in most of the cases, due to unrestrained production of cells inside the tissues of breast. The risk of breast cancer increases as a person grows older with age. A woman having breast cancer may face various kinds of problems during her pregnancy. It is therefore recommended to take proper treatment of breast cancer before getting pregnant.

There is great level of risk if you get pregnant while you are undergoing the treatment for breast cancer. However, if the treatment for breast cancer is over, then there is no harm in getting pregnant. Earlier it was believed that due to an increase in the estrogen level during pregnancy, there were greater chances for breast cancer to occur again.

But, with an increase in technological advancements, this kind of risk is no longer there. Now, the doctors believe that if the treatment is over and the lady no longer suffers from breast cancer, then she can safely get pregnant. The fact is that after the treatment of breast cancer is over, the lady should wait for around two years to get pregnant.

A lady should wait for around two years, so that the healing process takes place properly. The breasts would be healed in a proper manner in the time span of two years. Also, all the toxins from the body would be flushed out properly in two years time. It is also important to wait for around two years before getting pregnant, so as to rule out any possibility of re-occurrence of breast cancer. If everything goes fine, then you are safe and can get pregnant safely.

In certain cases, it becomes difficult for a woman to conceive after the treatment of breast cancer. This occurs due to radiation treatment on ovaries. Chemotherapy treatments may also lead to infertility. In such cases, adoption is the only solution.

Few women who conceive after the breast cancer treatment have the fear that their child may also get affected by the disease. This is just a fear. It is very important for such women to take proper consultation from their doctor, so that all such fears are eliminated from the mind.