Pregnancy Constipation

Pregnancy is the most awaited phase in the life of a women. But everything has its own pros and cons and so does pregnancy. Pregnancy is accompanied by a series of complications like morning sickness, mood swings, frequent headaches, digestive issues etc.

One such issue is constipation during pregnancy, which almost every pregnant woman has to deal with. Constipation is lack of proper bowel movement or less frequent bowel movements.

It is very important to get rid of constipation at the earliest or the wastes might accumulate in the body leading to a series of other complications. It is certainly not something to panic about, as by taking certain precautions and by following certain remedies you can get rid of pregnancy constipation.

Diet plays a very important role in keeping you healthy and fit. The right kind of diet will take you a long way but the wrong diet can pull your health down. Especially pregnant women  have to take immense amount of care and precautions about what to eat and what not to eat.

It is very important to have a healthy and well balanced diet containing plenty of foods rich in fibers during pregnancy. Oats, wheat bran , barley etc. are rich source of fibers and a must in your diet to prevent constipation problems.

It is best have small meals throughout the day instead of having few large meals. Keep away from unhealthy foods rich in sugars, spices and fats to prevent constipation problems. Ensure that you drink plenty of water to enhance the functioning of digestive system and to flush out all sorts of wastes from your body.

Working out daily is very important to keep all digestive ailments at bay during pregnancy. You do not have to indulge in any strenuous activity. You can choose to go for light jogging, brisk walking, light swimming etc. This will help you maintain your weight and will keep constipation related ailments at bay.

It is very important to pass stools whenever you have to urge to pass stools instead of holding it. Also ensure that you do not put too much pressure to pass stools. Follow these tips to control and prevent constipation during pregnancy.