Pregnancy Headaches

During pregnancy the requirements of the body change and hence steps should be taken to fulfill those requirements.Lot of women complaint about headaches during pregnancy.

It could occur due to a number of factors like lack of sleep, lack of certain nutrients, etc.So you should take necessary steps to prevent these pregnancy headaches because these could also have adverse effects on your baby.

To begin with you will have to analyse the reason for your headache during pregnancy, because once you get to know the cause you will be able to get rid of it.So get to know the factors and start taking steps to get rid of pregnancy headaches.

Most women who quit caffeine during the initial stages of pregnancy experience lot of headache.It is true that coffee in excess is not good during pregnancy.But you can have a cup or two of tea or coffee during pregnancy also, to prevent pregnancy headaches.If possible then incorporate the habit of having green tea instead of coffee as it has limited amounts of caffeine and may help you get rid of headaches.

Some cases of pregnancy headaches are as a result of dehydration.So make sure that you have plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day in order to keep pregnancy headaches at bay.Come what may do not skip even a single meal.Few studies have suggested that lack of blood sugar in body may lead to pregnancy headaches.So keep munching on fruits and vegetables every 2-3 hours and have all your meals on time.

Indulge in some physical activity everyday by doing some sort of exercises.This will keep you fit and help you sleep better hence preventing pregnancy  headache.Sleeplessness is also one of the reasons for pregnancy headaches so do get good amount of sleep and rest.

Keep away from all sorts of stress and tensions to have a pregnancy free of headaches.You can indulge in meditation to keep yourself calm and composed.This also helps a great deal in keeping headaches away.Try your best to keep away from pain killers for headaches during pregnancy.

If your problem is not getting solved by following the above mentioned tips then do visit your doctor and do the necessary to prevent pregnancy headaches.