Pregnancy Induced Hypertension – A Serious Complication

Pregnancy is the joy of a woman and though it comes with several inconveniences, the sheer joy of seeing that little precious gift is awesome. Pregnancy brings along with it nausea, tiredness, constipation…ask a mother she’ll give you a detailed list. But when complications arise, things get a bit serious and need to be handled with utmost care.

Pregnancy induced Hypertension is a very serious complication and is the major cause of maternal deaths and premature babies. It is important to note that during the early stages of pregnancy, you may experience a slightly high blood pressure. This is normal and generally becomes alright quickly but if you have blood pressure above  140/90  during the later weeks of pregnancy, you must consult your care provider immediately.

The symptoms usually appear late and these include increased nausea, swelling of feet also called as edema, headache, blurred vision and pain the right abdomen. You may have one or all of these symptoms. In case there is protein in the urine the condition is called preeclampsia. In case the hypertension is with fits or seizures is called eclampsia.

All these conditions are serious and if not treated immediately would affect both the mother and the baby. In case the patient has fits, the only option is to terminate the pregnancy irrespective of the age of the patient and the maturity of the baby. When the hypertension occurs with protein in the urine, drugs are prescribed to lower the hypertension and must be taken under strict medical supervision as some of these drugs could affect the baby’s health.

Doctors generally prescribe a diet less in salt, lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of water and complete bed rest till the patient’s blood pressure reduces. In case there are chances of the baby surviving, the baby is removed, so that there is less health risk to both the mother and the baby. Though the reason and cause of this condition is unknown, by taking precautions and following a healthy diet, one can to some extent avoid this condition. Eat less salt, drink plenty of water and add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet, stay calm, composed and happy.