Pregnancy Workout: 5 Excellent Prenatal Exercises

Best Exercises During Pregnancy

Pregnancy being an important phase of a woman’s life takes a toll on her body. It is extremely important to pay full attention to your body and well being during the pregnancy months. It helps in an easy labor, convenient delivery of the baby and a rather quick postnatal recovery. If your pregnancy is uncomplicated and no previous history of miscarriage then you can start your pre natal exercises in your first trimester itself.

Best Exercises During Pregnancy

Mild pregnancy exercises make your body flexible and you feel less tiring and more energetic and relaxed. The exercises can be modified as your pregnancy progresses, depending on the sensitivity of the body towards pain and discomfort if any. Here are some excellent full body exercises for the first trimester:

Posture Exercises

A good posture is extremely important to maintain throughout the pregnancy months. Stand straight and use the abdominal muscles to erect your spine and breathe deeply. Do it in front of a mirror to see if the spine is straight and the bottom is tucked in.

Head Rolls And Shoulder Rolls

These head and shoulder exercises are helpful in relieving you from upper back and shoulder pain problems which is quite common during the initial pregnancy months. These can be done frequently at any time during the day and can be repeated multiple times.

For head roll, sit crossed legs and bend your right ear towards your right shoulder. Now bend down and through to the opposite side. Inhale while taking the head to the back and exhale while swinging it to the front.

Repeat the same in reverse direction. For shoulder rolls, sit crossed legged or on a chair and put your hands on the shoulder. Now draw circles backward with your elbows. Repeat 4-5 times.

Head Rolls Exercise

Pelvic Exercises

The most important part of prenatal exercise program are the pelvic exercises. The given pelvic exercise will help in maintaining proper alignment, posture while sitting, standing, bending and lifting objects. Lie on the back, with knees bent.

Now tense your inner thighs and lift the buttocks. Hold in this position for a few seconds and release. Repeat not more than 5 times. You can do this pelvic Tilt exercise while lying on the bed during rest periods.

Pelvic exercise

Side Twists

Another excellent exercise to improve the posture. Sit crossed leg on the floor. Keep the back erect. Hold your right knee with the left hand and twist sideways so that you are looking over your neck and shoulders Repeat 4-5 times with each side.

Side Twists

Cardiovascular Exercise

Apart from these floor exercises you can also do some mild cardio exercises like walking, bicycling, swimming to increase the stamina and aerobic fitness. Medium pace walking for 30 minutes is the best advisable and safest exercise for pregnant women.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Tips And Warnings

Avoid doing vigorous exercises and monitor the pulse rate while doing the workouts. Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program in pregnancy.

Limit your workouts to 20 minutes to prevent fatigue or weakness. It’s important to wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes while doing your pregnancy workouts.

Wear comfortable clothes