Prenatal Exercises Using An Exercise Ball

Pregnant women can use an exercise ball to perform prenatal exercises. These exercise balls are also known as fitness balls. Prenatal ball exercises will help the expectant mother to get in shape and will also help to prepare her for the upcoming labor. It is a low impact form of exercise which will help the pregnant woman to maintain her balance and stability as her tummy grows.

Prenatal exercises done using a fitness ball are mainly targeted to strengthen the muscle groups like the abdominal and leg muscles, which are involved in the process of labor. Strong abdominal muscles will make the process of pushing during labor an easy one

The below given are some of the prenatal ball exercises which can be practiced safely by pregnant women.

You can sit on top of the ball with your arms by your side and your feet flat on the floor.Slowly raise your arms over your head while keeping your back straight.Lower your arms to the initial position by squeezing in your shoulder blades.Performing this simple exercise will help the expectant mother to greatly improve her balance and coordination.

You can do a pelvic tilt using an exercise ball.Kneel down by placing your hands on the exercise ball.Push your pelvis in and roll the ball towards you while contracting your abdominal muscles.Hold the ball for a second and slowly push it back to its initial position.Regular repetition of this exercise will help you to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

You can also perform Kegels by sitting straight on the exercise ball and tightening the vaginal muscles as if to block the flow of urine. Maintain this position till the count of five and then slowly relax your muscles. Performing Kegels during pregnancy will help in the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles.

You can strengthen your hips by performing hip circles. Seat yourself comfortably on the fitness ball while placing your feet wide apart on the floor.Move your hips forward and backward and also from side to side.You can also perform circular motions with your hips in the clockwise and anticlockwise directions.These movements are to be performed at least 10 to 12 times at a single stretch.

You can also perform squats and leg lifts using an exercise ball in order to strengthen your leg muscles. Thus by performing prenatal exercises using an exercise ball,you can ensure yourself a fit and healthy pregnancy.