Prevent Osteoporosis

During old age our bones may become weak and brittle. This condition called osteoporosis can cause great pain and discomfort. Occurrence of osteoporosis can be prevented if we take good care of our health from an early age itself.
Osteoporosis is found in men during their old age and in women post menopause. It also occurs as a side effect of corticosteroids. It is calcium that provides strength to bones. We know that calcium is necessary for growth in children. But if we do not give proper care to provide necessary quantities of calcium to our body when young, it can result in osteoporosis during old age.

Deficiency of calcium in childhood cannot be perfected later in life. An overdose of calcium may cause an increase in bone weight. Bones grow only during your childhood and teenage hood.

Deficiency of calcium, especially during pregnancy, menopause and old age is overcome by the body by the disintegration of bones. Disintegration of bones can be prevented only by providing necessary calcium required for the daily functions.

Consumption of calcium rich foods is the simplest way to provide calcium to our body.  It is estimated that 700mg of calcium is required by an individual.
We all know that milk is a very good resource for calcium. One glass of skimmed milk if consumed daily can provide necessary calcium to our body.

The calcium compounds present in milk can be easily absorbed by our system. Vegetables, soya milk, whole grain cereals, yoghurt, leafy greens, millets, small fishes like mackerel, salmon etc. are rich in dietary calcium.

Besides calcium, vitamin D, vitamins C and healthy fats are also required for strong bones. Calcium can be absorbed only in the presence of vitamin D. It is vitamin C and fats that help in the absorption of vitamin D. Spinach, egg yolk, fish oils, dairy products etc. are rich in vitamin D. All citrus fruits, oranges, grapes, papaya etc. are rich in vitamin C.

Do avoid canned or tinned food items, alcohol, food items with high levels of saturated fats and salts, soft drinks etc. since these can cause deficiency of calcium.