Prevention and Treatment of Stretch Marks During Pregnancy


Stretch marks or striae gravidum occur during pregnancy for around 60% of women. Not all women develop stretch marks since some skins are more stretchable than others. Stretch marks looks like some lines on the skin and their color differs depending n skin color. For light skins it may appear as pinkish marks whereas for dark skins, it will be lighter that the normal skin color.

Stretch Marks During Pregnancy
Stretch marks may appear in the abdomen area during pregnancy but appearance in the hips, buttocks, thighs and breasts is also possible. Stretch marks occur because of the growing size of your belly especially because of the tearing or separation of collagen from the skin. Stretch marks do not cause much discomfort or pain and usually fade over time.

There are several reasons for developing stretch marks. The first one is genetic which means if your mother had stretch marks you are more likely to get it. The number of stretch marks you get actually depends on the elasticity of the skin. It is not very beneficial to use lotions or creams as this may affect the unborn baby and is not very safe if you are breast feeding after delivery. Keep a careful watch over your weight. 25 to 35 pounds is fine but anything more than that is not good.Too much of weight gain may result in developing stretch marks. If you are expecting multiples or a big baby, the belly grows larger so you are more likely to develop stretch marks. In case you had stretch marks during another pregnancy you may get them again. F you have had them on your breasts during puberty you are more susceptible.

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Most stretch marks fade with time and you really do not need to worry about them. They may be seen as very light white lines or may not be visible at all. In case the marks are really severe and make you feel bad about them, then you may consult your dermatologist or doctor. Some creams may actually help but avoid using during pregnancy or if you are breast feeding. Bother about the stretch marks only if they are too severe, if not just ignore they will fade with time.