Prevention Of Urinary Tract Infection During Pregnancy

Do you rush to the toilet quite frequently these days? If your answer is in affirmation and you are pregnant too then you must observe some other important facts to find out if you are afflicted with a urinary tract infection or not. In short, urinary tract infection is known as UTI. Women are at a greater risk to contract UTI than men. And it is more common in pregnant women as compared to other women.

Along with frequent urination if you also experience pain, burning sensation or discomfort while urinating, discomfort in the pelvic region, lower abdominal pain, and a cloudy urine with strong odor then you must be infected with the UTI. Some useful guidelines for the prevention of urinary tract infection during pregnancy are given below.

You should always keep your genital part clean and dry. You should use water and mild and odorless soap to clean your genital area. Strong soaps can irritate your genitals and urethra; hence avoid them. Feminine hygiene products such as powders and sprays should be avoided. Application of moisturizers around your urethra should also be avoided because bacteria can thrive well in such condition.

You should urinate after a sexual intercourse. This will help to flush out the bacteria transmitted during the sexual intercourse. Do not resist the urge to pee and when you urinate you should try to empty your bladder completely. If you are into the habit of douching, you should avoid it during pregnancy because use of douches can also irritate your urethra providing a suitable condition for the survival and development of bacteria.

Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking 10-12 glasses of water everyday. Cranberry juice is effective in reducing the levels of bacteria. It also discourages the development of bacteria; hence consume cranberry juice to prevent UTI during pregnancy. But you should not depend entirely on this juice for the treatment of UTI and consult your doctor if you observe the symptoms of UTI in your body.

After a bowel movement you should wipe from front to back. This will prevent bacteria in your stool from entering into your vagina or urethra. Use cotton undergarments to discourage moisture and allow your skin to breathe. Also avoid wearing tight clothing.

UTI during pregnancy can be successfully treated by the use of antibiotics hence you must consult your doctor if you experience the symptoms of UTI.