Know About Pros And Cons Of Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives or birth control pills are extremely popular modes of birth control today, with several women using it regularly. Being extremely convenient to use and easy to obtain, the popularity of these birth control pills is hardly surprising.

However, it is important to note that these are not without their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Oral contraception

One of the primary advantages of using oral contraceptives is the cost. Birth control pills are by far the most low cost options available to women today. Additionally, given that they may also be covered by insurance, makes it a great option.

Secondly, in cases where women experience heavy and often painful periods, birth control pills help alleviate that pain. In other words, using such pills not only reduce the flow during menstrual cycles but also reduce the accompanying pain.

Moreover, birth control pills help in reducing acne as they affect the production of the hormone androgen in the body. However, the most important benefit is that birth control pills actually help in reducing the risk of ovarian cancer. As they suppress ovulation, they actually help prevent formation of non cancerous cysts in the ovary.

Cons of using Oral Contraception

In terms of disadvantages, primarily these pills are not advisable for women over 35 years of age. Moreover, those with certain health problems like migraine, hypertension, diabetes or even those with bad habits like smoking should avoid using such pills for birth control.

Oral contraceptives should be taken regularly, which means that even if you miss it for a day, chances of getting pregnant increase. Moreover, such pills increase the risk of cervical cancer as well as breast cancer in women, which could make it an unhealthy option for birth control. It is also important to note that while not a common occurrence, such pills could cause an increase in blood clots and strokes.

In addition to these serious repercussions of oral contraceptives, there are other minor or temporary side effects of using these pills. These include nausea, tenderness of the breasts and bleeding in between your menstruation cycle.

Despite the fact that oral contraceptives are extremely popular today, it is best to take the advice of your doctor before opting for them for birth control.