Rheumatoid Arthritis- Severe Disease of Joints

If you feel constant pain and stiffness around your joints with signs of inflammation around them, then it means that you are perhaps suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis.

This is basically a disease where your own immune system attacks your joints and makes them weak and swollen. Feeling of stiffness and pain in the knees, especially, during the morning period is a sign that you have perhaps become a victim of this disease. It usually lasts for more than an hour or so.

There is no clarity as such on the exact causes of this disease, but you can very well treat this disease if you have detected it early and followed the prescribed medications.

Below we are giving some of these.


This drug prevents or reduces the rate at which the bones and cartilages’ are getting damaged. This is some sort of a miracle of sorts as these damages are known to be irreversible. It is highly advisable to start the treatment very early as the joints experience permanent damage at a very early stage. So now the aim is to treat the disease even before the damage starts to happen.


Fish oil has some properties which can help us to fight this disease, like it boosts immune system. Rheumatoid being an autoimmune disease, it makes the immune system to attack your own joints. Fish oil by boosting your immunity level helps in fighting your immune system into attacking your joints. At least 1500mg of fish oil is prescribed to effectively deal with this disease.


It is an herb with a known property of helping in the repair and rebuild of cartilages in your joints. This disease makes the cartilages wear away quickly so to counter this wear and tear this wonder herb is recommended. This will not only stop the wearing of cartilages but also help in the making of your joints stronger.


By stretching you can make your joints healthy and supple. Arthritis has a tendency to make the joint look deformed and unhealthy by doing regular exercises like stretching and bending you will avoid the tightening of your muscles.

Apart from regular exercise the joints also need constant hydration so a regular intake of at least eight glass of water is recommended.