Role of Vitamins in Combating Insomnia


Insomnia is known as a condition of sleep chaos. People suffering from insomnia are not able to sleep properly. Due to improper sleep, an individual may suffer from physical and mental ailments.

It is very important for a person to sleep properly, so that he or she remains active throughout the day and can perform all the tasks in an efficient manner. The problem of insomnia may arise due to deficiency of essential vitamins in the body. Let us here discuss about role of vitamins in dealing with insomnia.

Vitamin B is one of the essential vitamins for the body. It is very important for you to feed the body with appropriate amount of vitamin B, so that sleep pattern can be regulated. The problems of stress, anxiety and depression can be dealt in a very effective manner with the help of consumption of vitamin B, thus helping to deal with insomnia.

People having lack of vitamin B should increase the intake of folic acid, pyridoxine and niacin.  Vitamin B6 is a form of pyridoxine and should be included in the diet.

This vitamin is enriched with amino acids and helps in dealing with sleep disorders in a great way. Foods like yeast and egg yolk are rich in this vitamin and should be included in the diet.

Another vitamin which helps in dealing with insomnia is vitamin B12. The problems of anxiety and depression are dealt very effectively with the help of intake of vitamin B12. So, include this vitamin in your diet to get relief from insomnia.

Deficiency of magnesium in the body can also lead to insomnia. So, you should make sure to consume this vitamin in adequate amount, so that the problems of nervousness and restlessness are dealt in an effective manner and you are able to sleep properly. You would be able to sleep in a better way if you consume adequate amount of magnesium.

Make sure to include foods enriched with folic acid in your diet, so as to deal with inadequate sleep pattern. Green vegetables, beans, cereals and orange juice are enriched with folic acid and should be included in the diet.