Scar: Precautions And Prevention

The pain of a cut or wound is less than pain of a scar and, the pain gets worst when you have it on your exposed skin like face or limbs.

To your delight, it is possible to prevent a scar that is left behind after a deep cut or wound heals.

If the wound is given immediate medical attention and is treated quickly and cautiously, your skin would never get scars. Let’s see how you can prevent a scar from leaving a dent on your body and belief.

How to prevent scar formation?

Once the treatment of wound or deep cut gets over, you will have to listen and oblige to the doctor’s instructions to prevent scarring. Make sure that you follow all the post treatment precautions because you will be following the healing process now. You are required to take following measures to stop the scar from developing:

A scar results from the formation of scar tissue and the lack of oxygen to muscles and connective tissue forms the scar tissue so the muscles of the healing wound require rich oxygen supply to ensure scar less healing.

Keep the wound or cut wrapped up with a bandage or gauze to protect from dust particles and at the same time do in such a way that it facilitates aeration.

The bandage should be wrapped loose to ensure air circulation over the affected surface. Antibacterial ointments and scar cream need to be applied on the wound to reduce the risk of infection.

The great threat to the affected area is from bacterial infection so use an antibacterial soap to clean the surface of wound at least once a day. Do not expose the cut or wound to direct sunlight as it acts as an inhibitor in healing process. You might feel itchy but avoid scratching as much as possible.

Once the healing process gets over, new skin starts appearing with no visible marks of scar. These measures are very effective in preventing the scar from deep wound or cut but this requires utmost care and dedication to follow these precautions and measures. Just take care of these safety measures and forget the nightmare of the scar.