Side Effects Of Steroids

Millions of people worldwide use steroids to increase their performance. Perhaps they are unaware of the side effects of steroids. Steroids have many side effects on human body, which can either be short term or long term.Given below are some side effects of steroids, which you should know before using steroids.

Steroids are drugs which are dangerous for your health. They should not be taken without the consent of experienced doctors. If you use steroids, you can increase your performance. You can run fast if you are an athlete or you can hit sixes or fours while playing cricket but the steroids can damage your vital organs and you may have to face many health complications in the long run.

Steroids can damage your liver. Whether taken orally or through injection, steroids get into your blood stream and also pass through your liver. This causes great harm to your liver. In the long run, you can acquire many other major health disorders once your liver is damaged. The filtration function of your liver is malfunctioned due to steroids thus your blood starts getting impure, which may cause numerous health problems.

Anabolic steroid affects your kidney badly and also imbalances your hormones. When you take anabolic steroid, your kidney has to work more to filter and excrete the unwanted substances in your body caused due to the steroids. Thus, your kidney is likely to get damaged in the long run.

Due to steroids, natural hormones get inhibited. This happens because when you intake any hormone in the form of steroid, your endocrine system stops producing that particular hormone so that ‘homeostasis’ state can be achieved. Thus, your body gets addicted to that steroid because your endocrine system slows down hormone production. Hence, you can’t live without that particular steroid.

Steroids are also very terrible for your heart and arteries. Steroids lower good cholesterol (HDL) and increase bad cholesterol (LDL). When HDL decreases, you get prone to atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries), which blocks blood flow and you may experience heart attack.

Gynecomastia is another side effect of steroids, which is a condition in which breast tissue in men develops. Some athletes who use steroids face problems of itchiness and pain in their nipples.

Acne, roid rage, baldness, virilization, prostrate enlargement, hypertension, weak immune system, and sterility in men and women are some other side effects of steroids.