Simple Exercises At Home For Fitness

Many of us are way too busy with our work schedules, that we can never find a special time of our day that we can dedicate to exercising.For others, the work timings are so odd, that it is impossible to figure out a time when one can go to the gym. However, this does not mean that a person ignores fitness altogether. If you are dedicated towards the cause and really want to be fit, then there are some simple things that you can easily include in your daily routine to be fit and healthy.

The first step is to begin by walking. The more you walk, the more your calories burn, the more active you become, and the fitter and healthier becomes your lifestyle. Do simple things such as making more number of trips to the kitchen from the dining table while clearing the dishes.

When you get a call on your cell phone at home, walk while talking instead of sitting. In the office, use stairs instead of the elevator, and go to the coffee machine or the Photostat machine yourself instead of asking the peon to do these little tasks for you.

Next, whenever you are free, just do 15 minutes of skipping daily. Take out the old skipping rope, and include these 15 minutes of fitness in your daily routine. 15 minutes are not very difficult to take out, as long as you can avoid procrastination and being lazy and laid back.

Many times, the grocery store or the market is very close to our house, but we still take the subway just for one station, or take the car and drive down to the store. Instead of that, walk up to that store, get some fresh air, and you will notice how much better that is than being in dark dungeon areas where the subways run!

Push ups are great for both males and females. You can just do 2-3 sets of 10-15 push ups daily, and you can have great upper body strength. Squatting is also something that you can easily do at home, and this will help to tone your butt as well as thighs. Follow these simple exercises to tone the bigger muscles of your body, and you will soon see the difference!