Simple Habits To Live Healthy

Everyday you hear of new research telling you to eat this and that to make you healthy and live longer. But there are some simple ways and habits which can make us live longer and improve the quality of our life. People are following these habits since centuries.

Eat fresh fruits and lots of green vegetables. All of us know that having fruits and greens makes us healthy. You can eat meat but only once in a while. Do not make it a part of your daily diet.

Eat a large breakfast, medium lunch and a very small dinner. Try to have your dinner by 8 in the evening. Sleep early and wake up early. Munch on nuts and fresh fruits instead of cookies and fried food. Drink plenty of water.

Walk. As everybody knows, walking is the best form of exercise. So keep your car in the garage and walk whenever and wherever you can as our legs are meant to walk.

Stay away from stress and tension.  In today’s times you cannot avoid stress completely but try to reduce the level of stress by enjoying other activities like dancing, music etc. Go outdoors, Mother Nature is our best friend. Enjoy the weather with your family by arranging an outdoor picnic. It is very important to maintain a healthy weight. For that follow a regular exercise routine. But again, make sure that your work out regimen is enjoyable.

Love yourself and laugh a lot. Remember, laughter is the best medicine. Learn new things everyday. Spend time with your family. It genuinely makes you happy and it is priceless. Dance with your partner, watch your favorite movies. Spend time with your children and become a child when you are with your kids. Just play with them, laugh like a kid.

Learn to give something back to the society. Try and take some time out for some charitable work. It will really make you happy. Have a purpose in life. It is very important to be excited when you wake up in the morning.

Once in a while enjoy foods like cakes, cookies, chips and make yourself happy and enjoy your life. But do not forget to burn these calories later on.