Six Ways to Control Acne

Every youngster wants to look good with a soft glowing skin. When a small skin eruption appears on the face they are dismayed, if it is acne they are at woe. Stress can aggravate the condition. Acne usually fades by the age of 25. The best thing is to be relaxed and find out ways of keeping acne in control.
Though creams can be a solution, the right way to keep acne at bay is to prevent and control it. To prevent fresh breakouts, follow a healthy skin care regime. If you sweat wearing a helmet or hat, it better to wash the face as it can worsen acne. Oily hair can be shampooed daily to control acne.

Follow these six steps to combat acne.

Use the right soap

The first and foremost is to use soap according to your skin type. If you are looking for natural ingredients in the soap to combat acne aloe vera and Tea tree oil soap are ideal soaps . Generally acne soaps are made up of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Comodegenic Products are ideal for acne

Make sure to use comodegenic products which prevent clogging of the pores, thereby reducing acne.

Keep the pores unclogged

After the night wash keep the pores unclogged without any cream. Allow the skin to breathe. The natural oil produced by the skin prevents dryness. You can also try shielding lotion to alleviate dryness.

Use homemade mask for exfoliation Exfoliation is necessary to remove the dead cells and give way to clear skin. Chemical exfoliates which are grainy can irritate the skin, so you can give a try with homemade mask to exfoliate your skin.

Use clean makeup brushes

Unclean makeup brushes are breeding ground for bacteria; you can never get rid of acne. Use only clean makeup brushes. Makeup and moisturizer can aggravate acne.

When you use moisturizer, it can clog the pore resulting in acne as most of the moisturizers contain mineral oil. Generally the tendency is to use makeup to cover the acne but that can give rise to fresh ones worsening the condition.

Be cool when you get acne instead of getting tensed, as the adage goes ‘prevention is better than cure’ just keep acne at bay with healthy skin care regime and always use clean pillow covers.

These steps work pretty well to control and keep acne at bay.