Skin Cancer Moles

You may think how can moles be so dangerous? After all, you find loads of them on every other individual. Most of these moles are non- hazardous. But, it is a matter of concern when you see such moles that you have never seen on your body, especially in the areas that are exposed to the sun. It could even be moles, which are the result of skin cancer hence it is necessary to take appropriate precautions.

Individuals who have more than about 50 moles are most likely to develop melanoma, which is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. Usually it is not quite simple to make a differentiation between normal moles and melanoma hence, it would be better if a doctor is consulted in this regard as soon as possible.

An early detection of the disease can help in treating it much better. A careful examination of shape, size and color of the skin mole will help you in the self examination.

An ‘ABCDE rule’ is something that will help you in detecting the skin cancer moles. Here, ‘A’ stands for the Asymmetry i.e. you may find that the shape of the mole is quite obnoxious and weird. One half of the mole may not match the other half. Sometimes, you may find that the borders of these moles are quite irregular, ragged or even blurred i.e. what ‘B’ stands for – The Border.

Often the color of the mole is uneven. Hence, ‘C’ stands for Color. You may find it in shades of black, brown or even tanned. Certain areas may even be discolored or turn red, white, gray or blue. ‘D’ stands for Diameter of the mole which is usually larger than 6mm i.e. the size of a pencil eraser.

‘E’ stands for Evolving. You may find the appearance of the mole constantly changing in its size, shape etc. If skin cancer develops in a mole that already exists you may find changes in its texture like you may find it hard or lumpy or even scaly all of a sudden.

At times it may even cause an itchy sensation or even ooze and bleed but doesn’t cause pain. An ‘F’ could also be added in the above rule, which denotes the word Funny Looking.