Skin Care For Rosacea

The exact causes of rosacea are unidentified till date. But some triggering factors of this skin condition are known to the mankind so in order to prevent as well as keep rosacea under control, the sufferer needs to eliminate these triggering factors. Some of the common triggering factors of rosacea include foods such as alcohol and hot drinks, medications like topical steroids and opiate painkillers, hot baths, hot weather, heavy exertion, menopause, stress, etc.

There are several rosacea triggers and these factors may differ for every rosacea patient. You should keep a careful watch on the factors that trigger your symptoms and then try to minimize or eliminate them. Doing so will surely reduce your symptoms and minimize your sufferings. Given below are some common things to avoid in order to effectively control rosacea symptoms and flare ups.

The first and foremost thing to be avoided for the sake of keeping rosacea under control is to eliminate alcohol completely from your daily diet. Red wine can induce flushing to your face and cause rosacea flare ups.

Strenuous or intense exercise can cause flushing and aggravate the rosacea condition. But exercise is also an integral part of our overall health. Hence, it is not wise to stop your daily exercise regimen in order to control rosacea flare ups otherwise it may lead to several other health hazards. To avoid these complications, you should exercise in cool environment.

Since rosacea has no permanent cure, it becomes chronic in most of the cases. Along with the avoidance of all your triggering factors, you should also start its early treatment to keep its symptoms under control so that you can lead a normal and problem-free life. Different treatment options are available for rosacea which includes herbal therapy, antibiotics, laser therapy and some convincing creams and lotions. It is very important to follow your doctor’s advice to get the best result.

Rosacea patients must choose skin care products with great care because most products contain ingredients that may trigger rosacea flare up and worsen their condition. Astringents and toners should be altogether avoided. Products containing alcohol, fragrance, salicylic acid, eucalyptus oil, etc should not be used by the rosacea sufferers.