Skin Care Tips For Winter – How To Combat Tight And Dry Skin Problem

So the winter season is approaching fast and you are worried about your skin problems! Don’t worry for your skin and hair. You can easily take care of your skin and combat tight and dry skin problem even in the winter season. Yes, along with the warm cloths, you will also need some skin care products to keep your skin healthy during winter season. Here are some skin care tips for winter.

Dry skin is a common skin problem faced by millions of people during winter season. Due to the unexpected and rapid drop in temperature, the skin loses its moisture and lipids making your skin very dry. Dry skin assists the natural aging process and makes your skin look years older.

The most essential tip for winter skin care is to keep your skin moisturized. For this you need a moisturizer that has efficient hydrating properties. Moisturizers that contain ingredients like Nano Lipobelle HEQ10, CynergyTK and Phytessence Wakame are considered effective for winter skin care.

Another important skin care tip for winter is to mix a few drops of essential oils to the bathing tub and have a relaxing bath. Lavender oil is considered very effective. It possesses anti-bacterial properties, which helps in preventing you from skin irritation and skin infections. Essential oils aid in moisturizing your skin and thus combat skin aging in winter.

Do not ignore your elbows and knees as these areas are affected the most in the winter season. Taking good care of these body parts by exfoliating regularly and applying some suitable skin care product will prevent skin dryness and make them look healthy. Dark spots can be lightened by applying lemon juice on these areas and then washing off after 15 to 20 minutes.

Taking pearl powder supplements during winter can be very effective against skin dryness. It will make your skin smooth and soft and will also improve your complexion. This supplement is widely used by the Chinese women for keeping their skin soft and improving their skin tone. Pearl powder supplement also enhances the skin elasticity due to its keratin content.

A useful tip to combat dry skin in winter is to avoid the excessive exposure to cold wind. Cold wind can make your skin drier. Do not forget to use appropriate lip balm regularly to prevent cracking of lip skin.