Skin Toners And Their Uses

Benefits Of Skin Toners

We all have repeatedly read and heard that cleansing, moisturizing, and toning are the important steps in any skin care routine. We also have heard of products and cosmetics which claim to tone the skin. We have also read about different toners, the most popular, safe, and natural out of them being rose water or Gulab Jal. But, before trying or using any products just because it is advised to be used in our skin care regime, we need to understand what exactly the product does for our skin and why so much emphasis is laid on its use.

Benefits Of Skin Toners

After equipping ourselves with knowledge about what a product is, we also need to know the correct way of applying it if we want to get the most out of it. So here, we will read and understand about skin toners, their role in beautifying and caring for our skin and also how and when to apply them. It is advisable refer to your skin care specialist who can check your skin and suggest you a toner for your skin or at least what ingredients you can look for while purchasing a skin toner.

An important thing to be kept in mind is that there are some skin conditions and acne treatments, during which it is advisable not to use the toner.  Make sure you get this rectified by your skin specialist before using or adding any new product to your skin care regime. It is hence said, that a skin toner, unlike a moisturizer is not an absolute necessity for the skin. Depending on your preferences and your skin, you can whether to or whether not to use a skin toner.

What Is A Skin Toner And What Does It Do For Our Skin

A Skin Toner is a light product, which is basically used to freshen up our skin. It balances the PH of the skin. When we wash or cleanse our skin, the skin pores are open. Toner also helps in tightening the skin pores and provides an oil free and clean base before we apply moisturizer over it. It also helps in making the skin firm, which in turn, makes it look younger and healthy. It also helps in cooling the skin.

Toner can be used by people of all skin types. However, they need to choose the right one out of the variety or type of toners available today. Skin toner may most benefit people who have extremely oily skin as a toner helps in reducing excessive oil from the skin. Natural toners of good quality are also directly available in the market.

We will discuss about the type of toners and their uses in the next section.  Some of the ingredients used in the preparation of toners are rose petals, aloe vera, rose water, green tea, cucumber juice, orange flower, glycerin, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel etc.

Skin Toner

Toners For Dry Skin And Sensitive Skin

People who have extremely dry and de-hydrated skin can use toners, which fall under the “fresheners” category. A person with dry skin will definitely look for something, which helps in retaining the moisture in the skin, and hence need to choose a toner, which can fulfill this purpose.

Rose water and Sandalwood Toners would be a suitable toner for dry skin but it is necessary that you apply moisturizer after that because use of a toner only can worsen dry skin problem. Toners under the “fresheners” category are also useful for those having sensitive skin.

Sandalwood Toner

Toners For Normal And Oily Skin

Those who have normal can use the toners, which come under the “skin tonics” category. Orange flower water is a natural toner or a skin tonic for normal and oily skins. Rose water, about which we discussed in the earlier section, can also be used for both normal as well as slightly oily skin. They who have combination skin can also use these toners.

Astringents are also a type of toners, which are used mainly to keep excess oil on the face in control. Astringents are the strongest toners and contain alcohol in them. Astringent, also when applied before applying regular moisturizer helps to achieve a clean, fresh and oil free look.

Orange Flower Water

How To Apply A Toner

Now, we come to the application of the toner. Using a particular product in a right way is essential to obtain maximum results from it. Applying a toner is the second step in skin care. The first step is cleansing the face properly and making sure that no residue has been left.

After that, toner can be applied on the entire face and neck with the help of a clean cotton ball. Make sure that you not press the cotton ball into your skin or rub it on the skin like we generally do for other creams and moisturizers. Apply it very gently. Toner generally dries up quickly after application.

You can wait for one to three minutes before applying moisturizer, depending on your skin. Apply your regular moisturizer after you have applied the toner on your face. This same procedure applies for using astringent as well. Also, understand that the amount and frequency of using the toner depends on your skin.

Make sure that you are using the toner in a correct quantity, which you have to decide yourself. Sometimes, using too much of toner can actually dry up the skin. On the contrary, excessive use of some toners worsens oily skins and makes them more susceptible to pimples and acne. In case of any irritation or redness on skin on applying toner, discontinue its use.

Toners are also available in the form of face fresheners where it is available in a bottled spray for quick use anywhere. Some of these face fresheners can be directly sprayed even over the makeup (generally when we are outdoors and do not have sufficient time and facilities to cleanse and moisturize the face again, when tired) to refresh and relax the skin giving it a healthy glowing look.

Apply Toner With Cotton