Skin Whitening Pills

With the abundance of skin whitening products out there, most people are confused as to what to opt for. While creams and skin lightening lotions are quite popular, skin whitening pills have also come into limelight in recent years. These oral supplements work from within to stem melanin production and give you lighter, more radiant skin. So how exactly do these miracle pills work to lighten dark skin?

The major ingredient of skin whitening pills is glutathione. This tripeptide is naturally produced by every cell in the body including the immune system cells. Formed from amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine, this powerful natural antioxidant produced in the body fights against a number of diseases. It helps the liver in detoxification and rids the body of harmful waste.

In a skin whitening pill, the ingredient glutathione helps in reducing the melanin formation in the body by inhibiting Tyrosinase production. This enzyme is responsible for melanin production in the body.

Moreover the antioxidant also fights the free radicals and prevents its formation from within. This helps in controlling the damage that is caused by these harmful radicals such as the loss of skin elasticity and deterioration of the skin structure that lead to wrinkles, dark spots and patchy dark skin.

In addition to glutathione, skin whitening pills also contain ingredients like Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic acids. Vitamin C is essential as it allows the glutathione to stay in a usable form in the body. This is because the glutathione is instantly oxidized by the body and is thus not effective as a skin whitening ingredient when used alone. The Vitamin C reverses the oxidation and allows the glutathione to lighten skin tone. In fact the recommended dosage of Vitamin C is double of glutathione dosage.

Alpha Lipoic acids are also powerful antioxidants that reverse the effects of aging and aid in the manufacturing of glutathione.

The recommended dosage of these pills is based on the skin color and body weight. Most of the bottles feature dosage instructions. The effects of these oral pills are not instantaneous and the effects of these pills are visible only after three to four months of usage.Pregnant and nursing women or people suffering from thyroid related diseases should stay away from these pills.