Some Common Causes Of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a common problem today, which is becoming increasingly serious. Parents of obese children are often at a loss for ways to help their children overcome this problem.

Before identifying solutions for obesity, it is important to identify and understand the causes of childhood obesity. Following are some of the common causes that lead to excessive fat, which leads to obesity in children.

Unhealthy Diet

The most important reason for obesity in children is due to unhealthy diet, which is largely due to the easy availability of junk food today. Fried foods, sugar rich foods, soft drinks are all common causes of childhood obesity, which given their easy availability, are devoured in excess.

Moreover, fast food joints usually target children by making attractive offers, which again leads to excessive calorie intake, ultimately leading to obesity. In addition to eating unhealthy foods, children are prone to excessive snacking in between meals, which again is responsible for increase in weight.

Lack Of Exercise

Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle are reasons for obesity in children. Calories taken in due to excessive eating require an outlet in the form of any physical activity, which is found lacking in most of the cases. This is one of the prime causes of childhood obesity.

Children today believe more in watching television or playing video games or computer games over any other form of entertainment, especially if it is related to any physical activity. This lack of physical activity of any kind results in weight gain and when combined with excessive calorie intake, leads to obesity.

Genetics And Family Behaviors

Genetics, body make up and family behaviors are all causes of childhood obesity. It is pertinent to note that if obesity runs in your family genes, chances of your child becoming obese is more than if there were no gene. However, the gene alone does not lead to obesity in as much as it involves habits and behavior patterns exhibited by the family. In other words, if a family tends to involve more obesity causing foods in their diet as opposed to healthy options, then chances of obesity increase.

These are the most common and broad causes of childhood obesity, which if left unchecked could lead to serious health problems in the future.