Stay Fit By Power Walking

Power walking is one of the most popular forms of exercises today.It is a cross between regular walking and jogging. Power walking is an aerobic exercise which provides a complete body workout.

The benefits of power walking are numerous.

Power walking helps to improve the heart beat and it also improves overall fitness of an individual.The metabolism of the body is increased to very high levels, leading to weight loss and thus tackling the problem of obesity.

The immune system is boosted up and the risk of cardiovascular diseases,diabetes and stroke are lowered to a very great extent.By power walking, the muscles of the body are toned and strengthened. The risk of contracting osteoporosis is also reduced by power walking.

Power walking is found to be a great mood booster.It will help to reduce stress and thus will allow you to take care of your sleep problems.It is a highly recommended form of exercise for people who cannot do jogging.

Before going for walking,you should eat snacks like rice, oatmeal and pasta which are rich in carbohydrates and which will provide you with energy to last throughout your walking session. Also drink plenty of water before and after the walk to avoid dehydration.

Make it a point to perform warm ups before going for a walk. This will increase your flexibility and will also avoid the risk of injuries.You should also wear comfortable walking shoes.

It will be best if you could do your power walking session during early mornings.You should never bend your back while walking and should walk by keeping your back straight.This posture will help you to walk in a more efficient manner.

Keep your head high and chin up so as to promote efficient breathing and to avoid neck pain. Do not rock hips from side to side as it will slow down your movements.

Walk at a speed in between that of normal walking and jogging by taking comfortable strides.Typically you can achieve a speed in between 7 km/hr to 9 km/hr by power walking.While walking, swing your arms on both sides. Take care not to raise your arms above your chest level.

It is recommended that you perform power walking 30 minutes daily,for at least 5 days a week. If you were inactive for a long period of time, then check with your medical practitioner before starting off with power walking sessions.