Stay Fit With Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is one of the best exercises which will help you to remain in top shape. It is also known as aqua aerobics or aqua-size .Today water aerobics is becoming increasingly popular around the world.

Here a series of stretching and exercises moves are performed in a pool of warm water. In water aerobics, the resistance and buoyancy offered by water are made use of to burn calories and tone the body.

Water aerobics offers many advantages.

Since the resistance offered by water is much more than that offered by air, the intensity of workout provided by aqua aerobics is very much greater than that provided by normal aerobic exercises done on land.

The risk of injury involved here is a minimum as this is a low impact workout. The muscle strength, flexibility and endurance can be increased by practicing water aerobics. Also the buoyancy of water will help in reducing the muscle fatigue.

Aqua aerobics is not limited to people of a certain age group. These exercises can be performed by the young and the old alike.

This is a safe and effective form of exercise which can be done by pregnant women. There is no chance of excessive sweating during the exercise and as a result the fear of dehydration and injury due to slipping can be completely ruled out.

This is a form of exercise which is suited for people suffering from poor health conditions. Your cardiovascular health will be improved greatly by practicing water aerobics. People suffering from arthritis will be greatly benefited by this exercise. The relaxing action of water will help in reducing stress and improving energy levels.

A normal water aerobics session will last for about 45 to 60 minutes and will help in the burning of about 700 calories, which is equivalent to about 2 hours spent in a gym. The exercises can be done on different water levels ranging from shallow to deep.

Before performing the exercises you can do warm ups by light stretches of the arms, legs and the neck region. The exercise will involve normal aerobic movements like kicks and marches ,yoga movements, pilates and exercises using aqua balls and aqua resistance tubes.

You should practice water aerobics under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Also, you should seek the advice of your physician before joining a water aerobics program.