Stay Fit

Living a fact paced life, juggling so many responsibilities may not leave you any time for sweating it out in gym. You don’t need fancy gym equipments to keep yourself fit.Here are some simple, easy to follow tips at home to stay fit.

Take a small stool, do stepping exercises on it. Gradually increasing repetitions will help in toning your calves and thighs.

Walking is the best form of exercise. If you don’t find time to spare for exercise, walk to the railway station or your office if it is not very far. Walking helps in burning fat and increases the energy level of the body. There is one more interesting alternative for you. Whenever you talk on your phone, don’t sit, walk about the house briskly.Skip the elevator, take the stairs. It keeps your heart pumping and burns calories as well.

Doing wall push ups is a perfect way to tone your upper body. You can do it in any room. If done on a regular basis, it helps in sculpting abs and arm muscles.If you intend to loose weight, skipping can be very beneficial. It is very effective in burning calories and also enhances your sense of rhythm.While watching tv or listening to music, spot jog. It helps in strengthening the lungs, improves the respiratory system and improving the immune system.

Buy yourself a fitness ball. It looks like a beach ball but can be fun way to tone muscles of your abs and back. You can do many core exercises with a fitness ball. It also helps in improving your stability and balance.Try squats as these are an excellent form of exercise for toning muscles of the abdomen.

Buy a workout video for yourself as it allows you to work out at your own pace. Browse through various DVDs available in supermarket and buy what suits you the best.If exercising is not your cup of tea, then why not dance? Simply dance to your favorite number in the comfort of your home and keep yourself fit.

If you cannot afford to buy expensive gym equipment, invest in simple exercise machine like treadmill or a cycle. Don’t indulge in fad diets. Look for the workout options which suits you the best and stay fit.