Staying Fit Even At Old Age

Tips To Stay Fit In Old Age

Old age is something when we need special care and fitness for our body and this is the stage which everyone reaches in his/ her life. If it is important to remain fit when you are young then being fit at the old age is a necessity. Maintaining this fitness till old age is another task. Everyone knows that life has stages and old age is just another stage where everyone reaches.

Tips To Stay Fit In Old Age

These days with the help of health awareness the average age of people has increased and thus the people have become more health conscious with time. People who stay fit when young develop fitness as a habit which continues when they get older too. This helps them in remaining fit when they grow old.

If you want to stay fit till very old age then the main requirement is to stay active till the old age and never let your body stop and take rest at certain age. Along with the physical fitness it is very important that they get family and societal support too. Except for this our mental status, eating habits and our financial position also affect our ageing and health a lot.

Staying fit when we get old is very tough and it is a task in itself which is not easy, but there are few fitness mantras which we can follow to stay fit and fine when we get old. SO let us find out what these easy tips are to keep us fit at old age too.

Easy Tips To Keep Fit When Old

Take Care Of Eating Habits

You should take care of your eating habits when you are young, because our old age fitness depends on what kind of fitness and lifestyle we live when we are young. OS it is better that we start keeping control on our eating habits when we are young.

After the age of 40 one should stop or avoid eating fried foods, fast food, spicy food, sour food and excess of sugar. Especially too much of oil and sugar content in the diet should be reduced. This will help you in saving from major diseases; like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and heart problems which occur commonly in old age.

Avoid Fast Food

Control Your Weight

Keep a control on your age form young age only because obesity brings along various joints related diseases along with many other diseases like arthritis osteoporosis etc. Eat a lot of salad, green vegetables, sprouted grains, seasonal fruits and fibre rich food. This will save you from heart related problems; diabetes and cancer like diseases and will help you in keeping fit in old age too.

It is better to be a vegetarian because vegans have a longer life than non vegetarians. Then too if you cannot avoid eating non vegetarian food then avoid eating red meat. Generally when we grow old there is lack of calcium in our body, which might cause osteoporosis, so to keep this disease away one should drink a glass of full toned milk without any supplements every day.

In order to avoid various diseases it is very important to stay active and for this we should get up early in the morning and after getting fresh we should do exercise regularly. You can do some yoga asana too; this will keep you fresh throughout the whole day and will increase your performance too. It will help you in saving from diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and joint pains etc.

Control Your Weight In Old Age

Never get addicted to alcohol, tobacco, cigarette etc or any other kind of drug, it will spoil your old age and on top of that you will start suffering from serious diseases like lung cancer etc and there will be financial problems too. Always think about your future and always try to make your future strong with proper financial planning and make yourself financially strong in the old age, because if you have financial security it will give you confidence and ability to fight any situation.

Try to be happy all the time this will relieve you of all the mental stress. In order to be happy make yourself busy in reading good books or try to follow some hobby or choose some work of your interest. This will give you self satisfaction and will keep your stress level very low. Try to avoid unnecessary fights or legal issues they will just create mental pressure on you.

If you will fall in any legal trouble it will be a pain for your life long as you will have to bear financial strain also. Try to inculcate more of vitamins and minerals in your diet like vitamin E, A, C and minerals like selenium, copper, zinc etc. These vitamins and minerals help in stopping or slowing down the changes which happen in old age and save us from various diseases also.

Mental Stress

Try to keep your diet well balanced so that the body gets required amounts of essential nutrients. You can easily get these essential nutrients from seasonal fruits, vegetables and grains which are rich in both minerals and vitamins. Never develop pessimistic approach in life. Even if you grow old just think how important you are for your family negative thoughts will make you grow older very soon, so always be positive in your approach when you grow old.

For any kind of physical or mental trouble always consult a good doctor or discus your problem with your family members and take their views also. This will help in solving your problem in time and efficiently. Try to bridge the generation gap between yourself and the young generation by sitting and talking to them. If you will be friendly with your grand sons or daughters this will make you feel young at heart and try to take their views also. This will bring them closer to your.

However after following all the rules then too we can develop diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, prostate enlargement, hard of hearing, cataract etc. but never think that old age is curse try to be young at heart and live your life with full energy and happiness.