Step Aerobics For Overall Fitness And Its Benefits


Step Aerobics For Overall Fitness And Its BenefitsFitness is and should be of utmost importance in today’s world. With the cobwebs of modern life surrounding u s from all directions, the body needs to keep up with the pressure it is subjected to. And to do that, one must ensure that he/she is fit, both physically and mentally.

While mental fitness is about being relaxed and tension free, physical fitness is about keeping one’s body fit. Both physical and mental fitness are interrelated. A person cannot be fit physically/ mentally while being unfit in the other department.

But unlike mental fitness, to achieve physical fitness one needs to put in hard work and flex his/her muscles. Being unfit only makes you lazy and causes sufferance in work. There are many ways a person can adopt to be physically fit, the most widely known being working out hard.

But it is not possible in everyone’s case to go to a gym or health club regularly. Some don’t enjoy it and the hard work related, even if they can afford the time and money. For such cases we have step aerobics, which is both fun and easy.

Aerobics is that form of exercise in which the muscle groups are flexed and the heart, the lungs and other related organs are provided with extra oxygen which increases their efficiency and betters functionality. Step aerobics is just an extension of regular floor aerobics.

It has the same basic principles but it makes use of a raised platform, 5-10 inches off the ground. This makes use of more energy and helps burn fat faster, making it more effective. The platform is also called step is usually made of polyurethane and has a rubber thread. Steps can be stacked on one another as per the height and intensity requirement.

Step aerobics has lately been regarded as a great way to burn fat and tone up the body. Besides gym, it can also be performed at home if steps are available. It is a fun way to shed those extra pounds as generally it is teamed up with background music.


Moves of step aerobics range from very simple to really complex. So if you have not done aerobics before or still new to it, I would suggest you to go slow. This is because the range of movement may scare you off even before you start as it involves lots of stretching and movements you thought were never possible.

Start with the basic moves like ‘Corner knee’ and ‘Jumping Jacks’ and then as you become confident you can move on to the complex ones. Other basic moves in step aerobics are: Across the top, Stomp Box Shuffle, Crazy 8, Taps around the World, L-step, V-step, Cut your corners, Lunge, Dig and Ham-Grape etc.

A proper routine of step-aerobics shall be made and followed sincerely if desired results are to be achieved. It is advised that one joins a step aerobics class and exercises under a qualified trainer only.


More than anything else, step aerobics is a hit with a majority of people simply because it is fun. It is generally done with music in the background. The music is motivating and such that it makes you jump and encourages you to intensify the workout.

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One major advantage of step aerobics is that here you can easily adjust your level of intensity. It is generally shorter than regular gym workouts and gives the same results, if not better. Step aerobics is a great way to burn body fat. The number of calories burnt depends on the intensity, speed of performing and the duration of exercise.

The movements involved are such that bones and joints feel minimum pressure. It is a great way to tone up fast since it burns calories faster than a normal gym workout. Also along with toning up your body and improving your overall appearance, it also is an excellent way to keep one’s heart and cardiovascular system healthy.

It ensures proper blood circulation in the body. Tendons and ligaments become stronger. It takes care of problems related to overweight, like diabetes and joint pain. A person who does step aerobics regularly has better endurance and more strength than the one who does not. It also improves flexibility of the muscles since the range of movements is very wide.


When going for a step-aerobic class, one should take care of his/her footwear. They should be good and comfortable. At the same time they should not restrict the person’s movement on the floor. Do not exercise right after you have had a meal.

Also drink water regularly during the workout so as not to dehydrate. Rather than stamping the foot on the step, one should step on it lightly. Also the entire foot should be placed on the step and not just a part of it, to make sure there are no injuries. Be sure to avoid straining the joints too much and twisting them. Intensity levels should only be up to the extent which they body can withstand.

Step aerobics can be made more effective with a balanced diet, which is low on fat. It is important that you ensure the authenticity of the trainer before joining a step aerobics class. Music should be in the range of 120-130 bpm (beats per minute).


Step aerobics is a wonderful way to lose all that fat you have in a fun way. What one should keep in mind is that they follow their routine without fail. Also it should be done in a systematic way, starting with basic manageable steps. Getting fit is not an overnight process.

Straining the body too much to get quick results will do more harm than good. A healthy diet and way of living will speed up the process. So if you do not enjoy working rigorously in the gym or if you want to get fit while having fun, join a step aerobics class today and get that perfect body you always wanted to have.

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