Steps To Gain Weight And Muscle


Whilst losing weight has always been a subject of discussion, gaining weight is slowly gaining momentum, with several people wanting tricks and tips. Systematic approach is absolutely essential to gain weight and muscle.

Following are three basic steps that will help you achieve weight gain fast.

Eating Quality Calorie Foods

Eating has always been considered the basic step to gain weight and muscle. However, this does not mean and include indiscriminate eating, especially if you are striving to be healthy in addition to gaining weight. Indiscriminate eating will definitely help you gain fat but not mass, which is important when you are planning to gain weight.

Therefore, eating dense foods like potatoes, whole grain breads, avocados, poultry, fish, lean red meat and kidney beans will help increase weight in the right manner.

Akin to losing weight, gaining weight also requires eating at frequent intervals and ensuring that you do not go hungry. Moreover, make sure that you stick to your eating timings strictly, if you want to gain weight. Finally, make sure that you vary your nutrients so that you are assured of weight gain.

Lifting Heavy Weights

The second step to gain weight and muscle is to lift weights regularly. This ensures that all the food that you have consumed is used to build muscles rather than fat in the body. While gaining weight, it is important to ensure that weight gain is in the muscles rather than fat.

When you force your body to do something that is not your normal routine, you force it to develop in order to adjust. Therefore, when you lift weights that are heavier than normal, you force your muscles to develop, which automatically leads to weight gain.

Proper rest and Sleep

The third step to gain weight and muscle is to ensure regular sleep for at least 8 hours. When you ensure regular and adequate sleep, you actually help the muscles to repair and rebuild themselves. This is absolutely essential for building mass in the body. Moreover, it allows you to rebuild your strength, which again is essential for working out on the following day.

Finally, if you really want to gain weight and muscle then make sure that you stick to the diet and exercise schedule as planned in consultation with your trainer and dietitian. This is absolutely essential to ensure that there is no unwanted weight gain.