Stop Pregnancy Nausea

Most of the pregnant women suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy phase. In most of the women, morning sickness starts in the fifth or sixth week of pregnancy period and continues throughout the first three months.

However, in few women, the problem may last throughout the pregnancy period. Feeling of nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy may create lot of discomfort.

It is really hard to live with feelings of vomiting and nausea, thus making pregnancy an extremely difficult phase in the life of a woman. Some of the effectual remedies for stopping and controlling pregnancy nausea and morning sickness are explained hereunder.

Ginger is considered to be a very good remedy for treating upset stomach. Ginger has also been proven in dealing with nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy. Ginger tea is a very nice option to treat pregnancy nausea. A mixture of grated ginger and hot water also works wonderfully in providing relief from pregnancy nausea.

It is incredibly essential for women to prevent the formation of gastric acid so as to avoid nausea. This can be done by munching soda dry crackers several times during the day. Dry crackers not only help in dealing with nausea, but also help in avoiding hunger pangs.

Few women find lemon as a very good solution with respect to pregnancy nausea problem. Drinking a glass of lemon juice every day would be of immense help in avoiding nausea. Also, it would help in keeping the body well hydrated.

Taking a candy flavored with lemon can also assist in avoiding and controlling nausea during pregnancy. It is recommended that pregnant women should keep such candies handy in their purse, so that they can take one as and when required.

Some of the women have allergy to foul smell. In this case, they should ensure to remain away from such smell to control and stop nausea during pregnancy.

It is not necessary that the pregnancy nausea remedy that works for one woman may work for the other too. However, if you do not get much benefit from the solutions given above, try some other natural remedy that may work for you.