Stop Skin Damage

With the ever-increasing work-stress, pollution, unstable climate due to global warming etc. the fragile skin gets damaged everyday. It’s a common setback, especially for those with a sensitive skin.

Acne, sunburns, blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads- all these are the results of a damaged skin. It also includes allergies and other dermal diseases which are caused by too much oiliness or dryness, bad skin hygiene, damage by sun-exposure etc. People have varying extents of skin damage as per their various routines and lifestyles. Someone with flawless skin may at any age start developing acne or blemishes of various kinds due to damage of the top epidermal layer.

One can prevent and still stop skin damage by adopting natural home remedies which can take care of all types of skin eruptions and problems.

A must for people with dry skin is coconut oil, which is popularly applied on the skin after/ before bathing. It can even cure skin diseases caused by fungus. Its special property of killing bacteria keeps the skin clean, glowing and supple. So keep you skin microbe-free with this easily available and inexpensive option.

Then there are very effective face-packs one can easily make with combining various ingredients available at home. Honey with juices of lemon, papaya and rose always helps. Combining milk or curd with oatmeal and turmeric in varying ratios is also helpful. For achieving a whitening effect resulting in fairness and reducing skin burns use honey with lemon juice.

Curd also lightens the skin’s pigmentation which is common in summers. Its cooling effect prevents acne and blackheads too. Be it any season, rosewater proves to be a good cleansing agent for a glowing problem-free skin.

Blemishes, zits etc. can be prevented by using a face-pack made of just papaya skin. Papaya face-packs are becoming very common nowadays, for they are fast and efficient. If you have a tan you want to get rid of it, apply orange peel or tomato juice on your face regularly for a few days and see the difference for yourself.

Following a basic skin routine can even stop skin damage from happening. Drink plenty of water, clean the skin regularly and don’t touch your pretty face with your hands. The dust and bacteria on your hands are a root cause of acne.