Stop Sugar Cravings Now – Five Easy Techniques To End Sugar Addiction

End Sugar Addiction

Everybody loves something sweet. There are rarely occasions when you end up saying no to that pack of brownies or the rich chocolate cake. Many people relate sweet things with feelings of elation and happiness. It may also signify a celebratory mood for many of us. Sugar is bad for your health not only does it affect the cholesterol levels by pushing up the levels of bad cholesterol, but it is also bad for other diseases like diabetes.

End Sugar Addiction

The bad cholesterol levels aided by sugar affect the good cholesterol (HDL) level which is bad for the health of the heart. Sugar usually combines with trans fats that raise bad cholesterol (LDL). Controlling our sugar cravings can be easier said than done. It is an addictive habit and the more you indulge in it, the more disastrous it will be in the long run.

You have to be firm and try saying no every time you end up having a sugar craving. But remember that you can reduce your cholesterol drastically, if you keep your sugar carvings under your belt. There are certain ways listed here which will aid you in bringing down your sugar cravings. They are as follows.


Drinking a glass of water can often be a solution. Whenever you want to eat something sweet just distract yourself by drinking a glass of water. Water not only helps in hydrating your body but also helps in flushing out all your toxins. So it’s good for your health as well. When you drink water, you can actually fill up your stomach and you won’t feel like having anything more inside. So, water is a good deterrent to taking in sugar.

Drink Water


Exercise in a right amount will help you in busting your sugar cravings. This is because exercise aids in maintaining your sugar level. In case you are inactive you will end up being stressful and hence addicted to sweet things. Exercise releases the stress and thus can be beneficial to you.

However, be careful that you do not over exercise; that can trigger the sugar cravings too. Avoid taking in a piece of sweet after you exercise. That is definitely not a good choice.

Do Regular Exercise

Keep Off Low Fat And Fat Free Food

Lack of fat may also affect the levels of sugar in your body. So when you end up buying foods which are fat free, you are asking for more sugar cravings. It’s quite natural because of the low levels of sugar in your body. Hence, it is wise to remember that you cannot eliminate all fats from your body which needs a certain portion of it.

When you consume enough fats in your meals, you will feel satisfied and not want more fat from another source like sweets. Be aware that many foods today that claim to be low in fat often compensate the flavour loss by putting in more sugar. This causes a disturbance to your energy levels which is a concern for your body.

Keep Off Low Fat And Fat Free Food

Experiment With Flavours

Try to keep away from too much spiciness, sour, or salty food as they may aid your sugar cravings. Have something which is a balanced mix of both sugar and spice. There are so many options available in your local supermarkets. When you eat too much of one type of food, you can trigger a craving of sugar.

So, you must be actively alert to the types of food you eat and how much you eat of it. Reducin the consumption of one type of craving will reduce your sugar cravings; especially the salty with the sweet tastes, just like you find peanut butter cups and margaritas with salt that seem so appealing to many.


Keep Off The Stress

Keep off from all the stressful and anxious situations as these can adversely affect your sugar levels. Start loving the way you live. Do not run to the jar of chocolates if you just feel depressed. Try to be more positive and alive.

Stress tends to drive you closer to sweets; hence, find ways to resist the sweets. You do not need sweets to make you feel better; you can approach non-food ways to feel good. Having snacks is an unhealthy approach to feeling good, especially to your body’s health.

You can relax your body with a good hot tub bath or indulge in some of your favourite activities besides eating. Snacks are usually biased in the nutrient content which is adverse to your body’s health. Consider an essential oils bath which can drive your sweet craving away.


Avoid Sugar Patterns

Take a moment to identify if some ritual related to sugar craving exists in your life; just like smoking or drinking wine, sugary treats can be associated with certain activities. Take note of the time of the day and the activity involved when you crave for sugar, for that is how your brain picks up such associations. These patterns need to be broken to end your sugar cravings.

Craving sugar has been widely researched with some underlying physiological causes and not just emotional or will power factors. It could stem from either one or more of hormonal fluctuations when the body’s estrogen level is low, high stress, insulin resistance, food sensitivities, or the presence of intestinal yeast which thrives on sugar.

Sugar craving could also come about from consuming too much meat which creates an inflammatory condition that causes an unusually high glucose metabolism, which lead to insulin resistance. Hence, you should take foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, alkaline based and rich in antioxidants to offset the sugar cravings.

Knowing how sugar craving can come about is the first step in overcoming it besides establishing the right and healthy lifestyle for yourself. When you consider all aspects of your life carefully, such as balanced diet, sufficient exercising, job and family contentment, and happiness with acceptance and love in your life, there will be no lack or void in your life to be filled; and that includes sugar.

Avoid Sugar Patterns