Strengthen Your Back With Pilates

Pilates’ exercises are an excellent way of strengthening back muscles. These exercises focus on keeping the spinal cord straight and properly aligned.Begin with the Superman exercise. This exercise is targeted for the lower back region, the glutes and the hamstrings. The Superman exercise boosts the stability and suppleness of the parts.

Put an exercise mat on the floor and lie on the mat facedown. Stretch your arms straight out in the front with the feet extended at the back. You should be able to feel the pull of this stretch in your abdominal muscles. Raise your arms, chest and legs from the floor as you exhale. This is the classic Superman position when he takes off from the ground to fly. Ensure that your lower abdomen is touching the floor all the time. Stay in this Superman position for two to five seconds and then come back to the start position while you inhale. Do three sets of at least 10 reps.Another good Pilates’ exercise for back is the Spine Twist. The exercise is good for the shoulders also. The exercise stretches and strengthens the back while straightening out the shoulders.

Spread and exercise mat and sit on it with the legs extended in front of you. Your toes should point at the ceiling. Keep your back straight. Raise your arms at your side keeping them at shoulder height. The palms should be facing downwards. Now slowly twist your upper body to the left without shifting the legs and hips. Perform two twists together on the left side. The second twist should out-twist the first twist. Return to the start position after two twists on the left side. Perform at least 10 reps on each side.

The Pilates Single Leg Stretch exercise is also for the lower back but helps improve the tone of abdominal muscles as well.

Lie on your back on an exercise mat. Gently lift your legs, shoulders and head from the floor. As you perform this raise you should be able to feel the pull on the core muscles. Now bend your left knee and hold it in your hands. Pull the left knee towards your chest. At the same time make a 45 degree angle with your right knee. Now simultaneously release your left knee while pulling your right knee into your chest. Do at least 20 reps for best results.