Sun Protection For Skin : Top 5 Tips

Sunshine gives you a lovely, warm feeling and a great sense of well being. A glowing sun and a golden tan is of course beautiful.

However, over exposure to sun is extremely dangerous for your skin. In the long run, ultra violet rays from sun can cause permanent damage to the skin and even skin cancer.

Sun exposure for a shorter duration can also cause dehydration, overheating and loss of salts from the body. It is important therefore to protect your skin from excessive sun exposure, let’s learn how:

Make sunscreen a habit:

Apply a good sunscreen liberally on face and exposed parts of body, irrespective of the weather and climate. To choose a sunscreen check out the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) given in the details of the sunscreen bottle.

If you have a sensitive skin do not go out unprotected for more than 10 minutes. An SPF of less than 4 is least effective in giving protection from ultra violet rays and an SPF above 20 is an excellent protector from sun.

Cover yourself well:

Apart from applying sunscreen, it is important to cover your head while stepping out in sun. Use a hat with a brim that provides a good shade to protect your face from direct sun radiations.

Or else, use an umbrella to avoid the exposure. Heat falling directly over the head is dangerous for both adults and kids. A scarf, a hat, cap or an umbrella gives us the required protection from direct heat.

Sunglasses for eyes:

The eyes and the under eye area is the most sensitive and delicate part of our face. It is important to wear sunglasses over the eyes that protect the skin near the eyes from harsh sun radiations. Go for the ones with bigger glasses for a good protection.

Protecting kids from sun exposure:

Children are most susceptible to sunstroke, hence make sure they are well protected from sun if they have to play out in the sun for a longer period especially near the water or inside the pool.

It is important to cover their heads while stepping out and proper clothing to avoid exposure. Also, it’s better to use special baby sunscreen lotions for the kids, to prevent them from the radiations.

Avoid over exposure:

Refrain from stepping out in the sun between 11 am and 2 pm when the intensity of heat is the highest and so would be the damage. Be vigilant during winter and snow sports when the radiations are even more intense. Drink plenty of water and reapply sunscreen if it wears out.