Switch to Organic Skin Care Products

The growing trend towards organic food and clothing has slowly affected the cosmetic industry. And about time too! Far too many skin care and cosmetic products contain potentially harmful chemicals. Most countries have authorities that regulate the use of toxins in products.

However, either they are blissfully unaware of the consequences of using chemical compounds of a harmful nature or they deliberately ignore the possible results since pharmaceutical and cosmetic giants so choose to have their way.

Whatever the case, consumers are more informed about the skin care products they use, just as much as the food and beverages they drink. This is one of the main reasons why people are turning to organic skin care products.

While I cannot think of an accurate definition of what organic skin care products exactly are, suffice it to say that they do not contain unnatural or harsh chemicals and are more or less entirely made of natural ingredients.

How You Identify Organic Skin Care Products

The easiest way is by reading the product label, the same way you would on a can of baked beans or tuna. The front cover may boldly proclaim that the product is organic but only the ingredients will give you a true picture.

Look out for the four parabens that almost all synthetic skin products contain – ‘butyl, methyl, propyl and ethyl’. Anything that contains this is certainly far from natural and even harmful, as synthetic products go.

Ingredients in skin care products are always listed in order of the percentage of their presence in the product. If a product has glycerin listed first and water listed last, it means that the glycerin content is the highest and water the lowest.

Organic products contain natural alternatives to synthetic humectants, preservatives, emollients and surfactants. These alternatives come from herbs, leaves, stems, flowers and fruits. Therefore, the body improves in its own natural way without any interference from harsh compounds that can be detrimental to health.

Organic skin care products often contain active ingredients in creams and lotions to treat acne. However, the tingling sensation is part of the skin’s natural response to the active ingredient. Making the switch from synthetic to organic skin care products may be the best break you can give your skin.