The Basics Of Yoga For Kids At Home

The child’s pose or the Hatha yoga posture is the best and the most powerful posture that renews mind and body. This particular resting posture helps the individual to regain all the lost energy. Apart from everything, this is the best and a special yoga posture for kids. Yogis have a clue that they have to learn from the children how to take deep breathe and super yogi kids can certainly learn from the other kids as well.

If one looks at the way new born babies sleep, you will find the baby always sleeps on the stomach. Always keep this picture in mind when the yoga exercises are practiced. To be successful at performing these activities, one has to have some willingness and the mind set.

Yoga at home is definitely simple. The simplest way is to use any kind of child’s pose when rest is needed. First, one has to start from a kneeling posture, later touch the toes together and keep the knees wide apart. Push the body forward until the stomach and the thighs are in contact with each other.

The arms have to be to the side with the palms facing upward. This will help in relaxing the body and later concentrate on the inhalation and the exhalation of the breath. After this, one has to focus more on the breath and try to follow the rhythm. After this process, wrap up the body back to the kneeling position.

There is no compulsion that the process has to get over, as any time the individual feels tired, one can choose to get back to the starting position. There is no end to the child’s pose and one can play with it until there is imagination left in the mind of the individual. One can surely try to visualize as much as possible while doing the child’s pose.

Take deep breathe and relax as much as possible, just concentrate on the inhale and exhale. You will feel completely relaxed and energetic the whole day when you do hatha yoga asana at home. This asana can be done by any one, adult or kid or teenager, as they reap the benefit in the long run.

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