The Second Trimester of Pregnancy

It is a very special time for you. The little wonder in your womb is now three months old and you are much safer from miscarriage and any other mishap though you still need to be careful. You feel much better. The nauseating feeling has gradually subsided and you are able to do your daily chores much better. The initial worries and anxieties have eased out and you feel more relaxed both mentally and physically. But yes, there are quite a few discomforts especially your growing belly and you will feel the little one kicking from around 20 weeks of age.

You will be visiting your health care provider on a monthly basis and be sure to mention any doubts and questions that you may have however silly or stupid they may seem. The doctor will measure your abdomen size from the uterus top till the tip of the pubic bone in centimeters. It is interesting to note that this value is generally equal to the number of weeks you are in your pregnancy.

The doctor will check the heartbeat of the fetus with a Doppler. You begin feeling movement at around 20 weeks, which is called fluttering or tickling. Do inform your health care provider whenever you feel lack of movement or very slow movements. You need not be overly conscious but let that be on your mind.

You may need to undergo tests for protein and sugar and you will be informed if you have gestational diabetes. This condition is temporary and may occur only during pregnancy. Blood tests would also be done to find out if the fetus has downs syndrome or spinal bifida. You may be asked to do an ultrasound to check the growth of the baby.

Your breasts will begin growing since the milk secreting glands start developing inside the breast. You may gain around 4 to 5 pounds every month and you will find your belly growing at a rapid rate. During the second trimester of pregnancy make sure to begin eating healthy nutritious foods. Avoid junk food, alcohol, chocolates, and caffeinated beverages. The second trimester is a wonderful phase and you must get prepared for the baby’s arrival.

second trimester of pregnancy