The Third Trimester of Pregnancy

You are nearing delivery…you are excited, anxious and at the same time feel heavy and stressed out. The final trimester will call for more frequent doctor visits, checking weight and blood pressure regularly and monitoring of fetal movement and heartbeat. In the third trimester you may be treated for a bacterium called group B streptococcus and if present can cause the baby to become critically ill.

So if GBS is present you will be given an intravenous medicine to protect the baby. The doctor will check if the baby’s head is fixed or whether it is in the opposite or breech position. If the baby’s head is not towards the vagina, your health care provider may try to apply pressure and position it. If the positioning does not work you may have a C-section delivery.

As the baby gains weight, you may feel heavy and the hips may feel sore. Be sure to sit with a firm back support and make sure your body posture is good. If not, it may lead to back pain. You may have swelling of the feet and ankles due to water retention. This is a cause for worry only if your blood pressure is high, if not there is nothing to worry. Since your uterus is expanding you may experience shortness of breath i.e. panting even after a short walk. You may experience acidity, constipation and frequent urination.Your breasts are still growing and your stretch marks may feel a bit itchy. You can apply some good Vitamin E lotion. You may gain around 25 to 35 pounds overall.

You may find it difficult to sleep in one position and may not be able to sleep long. During the third trimester, keep checking for baby movements and report to your health provider if you find anything different. If you have bleeding or spotting or any sudden fluid discharge during any stage of pregnancy do let your doctor be aware.

Remember your discomfort levels will rise and you will be just waiting for the baby to come out. Relax, you are almost there, it will not be long before you will be holding your tiny wonder in your arms. That joy surpasses all discomforts…you may never ever think of them again.