Tips For Ensuring And Having A Safe Pregnancy


Tips For Ensuring And Having A Safe PregnancyGetting pregnant is every woman’s dream. It is a wonderful experience for her and the most important phase of her life. She looks forward to the date of delivery from the very day she gets to know that she has another life inside her.

Nine months of pregnancy are the most cherished nine months of her life. The feeling for her of giving birth is incredible. But one thing she has to keep in her mind at all the times is her safety as well as the baby. She should ensure that she lives a healthy lifestyle and takes good care of the baby.

She should make an effort to understand everything related to pregnancy and should not have any misconceptions. There are certain things a woman should always keep in mind while she is pregnant so as to have a safe pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.

Basic Things To Be Cautious Of

For a happy pregnancy, it is very important that the woman understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The body will be going through a lot of changes and she should be ready to deal with them. If she has a proper knowledge of symptoms of different stages then it will help her be calm and relaxed all the while.

Some women become extremely anxious, which is not desirable. Skin color changes, sudden weight gain and digestion problems are very common during this period and should not be of major concern. The woman should consult a doctor regularly to keep a check on the baby’s health.

Seeking your doctor’s advice on important things like diet, exercise and sexual life is a good idea to have a smooth pregnancy. The woman should wear lose clothing to keep her body relaxed and at ease at all times. To have a safe pregnancy, it is important that the couple has regular sexual intercourse involving exchange of body fluids. It is advisable to have sex in positions in which the penis stays in the vagina for a longer time.

Diet During Pregnancy

If the woman is already having a healthy and nutritious diet then not much change is required. But if the pregnant mother has not been on such a diet then she should switch to one. Remember to always consult your dietician in such a case. Having calcium is of utmost importance for a pregnant lady and she should have a sufficient diet consisting of dairy products.

Also iron, vitamin C and vitamin D are very important during this period. Foods rich in fiber should be included in the diet for sure, since they improve digestion and keeps constipation at bay. Constipation is a very common problem for pregnant women and should be avoided for it is neither good for her health, nor of the baby.

Pregnant ladies should avoid eating to their fill. Rather than having 3-4 large meals during the curse of the day, she should have 6-7 smaller meals at regular intervals. Canned items should be consumed as less as possible as they can cause health problems because of the chemicals present in them.

Tips For Ensuring And Having A Safe Pregnancy

A pregnant woman should also drink plenty of water as it keeps her away from bladder infection, dehydration, excessive swelling and other related problems. Smoking, alcohol consumption and health hazards like tobacco should be completely avoided to keep the unborn child safe and healthy.

Exercises During Pregnancy

It is every woman’s desire to be fit and rightly so. They all feel the need to work out and a pregnant lady feels it all the more because of sudden weight gain. It is necessary that the lady keeps a strict check n the exercises as she cannot indulge into all types of exercises a non pregnant woman can.

She has to keep the baby’s health in mind as well. It is important that she consults her doctor before commencing any type of exercise routine. Walking away to fitness is a good way to stay in shape even during pregnancy as it does not put a lot of strain on the body.

The best exercise during pregnancy is walking. Regular walk keeps the mother-to-be active and fit. Pregnancy makes a woman very lazy and it is important that she goes for walks regularly. She should set a time period of the day when she wants to go walking and should stick to it. It is also advisable to perform stretches before walking.

The hormones released during the period of pregnancy make the woman’s body very prone to injuries and that is why it is important to do those stretches every time before walks. The lady should also remember that when she goes for a walk, she is in a complete state of relaxation. Walking when tensed or tired or out of breath is not desirable.

Pregnancy Sex Myth Busted

It is a very common myth that sexual intercourse is not safe during pregnancy. It is commonly believed that sex at this time will have ill effects on the health of the baby as well as the mother. Until and unless the doctor advises the couple to stop indulging in sex, there is no reason why they should.

The doctor will advise the couple to stop having sex if the baby has high risk pregnancy or if she is prone to premature child delivery. Also it is possible that the doctor says so when either of the partners has a history of any sexually transmitted disease, the woman has more than one offspring in her womb or if she is having fluid leakage or bleeding in her vagina.


Pregnancy is a beautiful gift of the nature and there is every reason to why a woman should look forward to it. Although it is important that she takes a good care of herself and in turn, of the baby. She should have a healthy lifestyle, keep herself happy and cheerful all the time and follow safe pregnancy practices to give birth to a wonderful baby.

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