Tips For New Vegetarians- A Guide To Help You In Your Transition To Be A Vegetarian

You have might had the best of yummy non-vegetarian food and now switching over to vegetarian food may not be really to your taste or perhaps you are confused how to get along with the new food habit. To add to your woe may be friends or families, who give you vague ideas of how you are bereft of wholesome nutrition .Be cool, there isn’t anything as such.

You can derive the best of nutrients by being a vegetarian and reap wonderful health benefits too. Here are some tips that can help you relish all the foods of your new lifestyle. Incredible as it might seem but vegetarian diet is equally in par with non-vegetarian diet.

Believe the fact that you are eating healthy food. It is a myth that only animal products can give the best nutrition. For instance omega 3 fatty acids which can protect coronary heart disease, endowed with numerous other health benefits ,is not only found in fish but are also found in nuts, seeds and vegetables.

Being on vegetarian diet does not imply that you are lacking protein. Many are of the belief that animal products are the sources of proteins, but beans and cereals do have proteins in them, apart from the diary products. Make some yummy combinations of peanut butter sandwich, beans on toast, muesli with milk, paneer fried rice etc. There you are getting the perfect blend of protein complementing each other.

Soybeans have high quality protein; soy protein is in par with the eggs. Relish any form of soy, whether it is chunks, mince, sauces, dairy products to enjoy robust health. Even the non- vegetarians will vouch for its benefits.

All the greens and yellows of your palate are rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are the buzz word for healthy living.Alas, the only nutrient that deprives the vegetarians is the vitamin B-12.This vitamin which has important role in the body functioning is found only in the animal products, but you can derive it from fortified soy products.

You have restaurants that can give you mouth watering veg dishes. Veg soup is wonderfully nourishing. Try different soups such as bell pepper soup, avocado soup, lentil soup , French onion soup ,fresh pea soup etc.Adapting to new lifestyle is indeed challenging, but it opens the door to explore new foods and flavors.

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