Tips For Reducing Wrinkles And Looking Great

Tips For Reducing Wrinkles

Women always want to look younger and better. Since wrinkles on face and hands are a sign of aging and also hamper the facial look, they are never welcomed open-heartedly.

Tips For Reducing Wrinkles

So as to get rid of wrinkles, there is plethora of anti-aging creams available in the market, each claiming to be the best treatment for wrinkles. No doubt, many such creams actually treat the wrinkles and make skin soft and smooth, adding a charismatic glow to overall facial outlook.

However, not all such creams give promising results, and may have side effects too. Thus, treatment for facial wrinkles through home remedies is a better way.

Causes Of Premature Wrinkles

Before we proceed to the ways of reducing wrinkles, let’s have a look at causes of premature wrinkles, which are a concern for many people. Premature wrinkles imply folds or creases on skin caused due to reasons other than aging.

Exposure To Sun

Most of the wrinkles appear on those body parts which remain exposed to sun, such as face, neck and hands. Photo-ageing, which means damages due to ultra-violet rays, is the cause of such wrinkles.

In addition to using various remedies for treatment of these wrinkles, it is essential to take preventive measures too. The easy-to-do methods to prevent the formation of such wrinkles include application of sun-screen lotion on the uncovered parts of the body and using an umbrella to avoid direct sun rays on face.

Exposure to Sun


People who often face the problem of constipation tend to develop wrinkles more quickly. When we do not excrete properly, we have itchy, pimply, dry or oily skin, because the pores of our skin do not breathe properly as they are choked up with toxins, which build up due to improper bowel movements.

The whole day seems to be ruined out because we do not feel refreshed, which gets reflected on our face too. This speeds up the aging-process and causes wrinkles. Hence, it is recommended to eat fiber rich food to prevent wrinkles on skin.



Smoking is one of the major causes of premature wrinkles. Free radicals which are produced in large amount by cigarette smoke can damage the skin to a great extent. These free radicals destroy the cells of the body, which in turn lead to facial wrinkles. Once a person quits smoking, he can observe significant improvement in the texture of skin within a week only.


Rapid Weight Loss

This can cause wrinkles too. When someone reduces weight rapidly, the volume of fat cells is also reduced drastically. As a result, skin sagging occurs and wrinkles appear.

Weight loss

Lack Of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a good source of antioxidants and protects skin from damages caused by free radicals. Cellular damages increase due to lack of vitamin E in body, which results in wrinkles on skin.

Moreover, exposure to dust, air pollutants, chemicals as well as harsh lights may also lead to wrinkles. Even stress can be cause of wrinkles as it accelerates the aging process.

Lack of Vitamin E

How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

If you are looking for treatment for wrinkles in a natural way, here are a few tips.

Natural Ways Of Reducing Wrinkles

Eat More Fresh Foods Than Processed Foods

The first and foremost advice that any expert would give to reduce wrinkles in a natural way is to add more fresh and fiber rich foods in your diet. If your diet comprises of more processed foods, the tendency of constipation increases resulting in building up of more toxicants.

So as to reduce wrinkles and attain a healthy and glowing skin, you need to intake more nutritious foods, such as fruits, green vegetables and sprouts. Furthermore, replace white rice with brown rice, wheat with whole-wheat, concentrated juices with fresh juices, pasteurized dairy products with raw cow milk, butter and cheese, and so on.

Eat fresh foods


Drink four to six liters of water every day to keep your skin moisturized from within. Drinking water in adequate quantity is essential for proper bowel movements, and helps in removing toxins.

Drink lots of water

Flax Seed Oil

Taking four tablespoons of flax seed oil in a day is a great treatment for wrinkles. However, it should not be started straightway as it may cause diarrhea. Initially take a tablespoon and then steadily increase the number of spoons to four in a day over a period of time.

Flax Seed Oil

Supplement Vitamin E

Add more Vitamin-E rich foods in your diet. Furthermore, vitamin E capsules are easily available in market. You may apply vitamin E on your face directly by mixing it in your face-pack.

Eat Vitamin-E rich foods

Sunscreen Lotion

It is advised to apply sunscreen lotion over all the uncovered body parts before moving out in sunlight. This will protect your skin from ultra-violet rays and is a great remedy for wrinkles caused due to photo-ageing.

Apply sunscreen lotion

Quit Smoking

For smokers, there is no better way to reduce wrinkles other than quitting smoking.

Medical treatment For wrinkles

Besides the above mentioned measures, facial wrinkles can be treated by using medicines. The medical treatment includes:

Ointments containing Vitamin A Acid

Such ointments should be used after consulting a doctor. The creams containing vitamin A acid have been successful in treating aging skin as well as fine lines. Such creams must be applied on regular basis.

Use Ointments

Fruit acids

Creams containing fruit acids or Alpha-hydroxy acids are prescribed most of the times, as they produce subtle improvement and are safe to use.

Use Alpha-hydroxy acid


Creams containing Vitamin A, C and E, along with beta-carotene, help in improving the texture of skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Such creams also guard the skin against UV rays.

Courtesy to the medical advancements, aging wrinkles can now be treated with cosmetic surgeries. Cosmetic surgeries to remove wrinkles have become popular among the ladies in west for the advanced technology available there, which makes face smoother without any change in skin anatomy.

No doubt, cosmetic surgeries such as glycolic acid peels, deeper peels, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, fractional resurfacing, non-ablative laser resurfacing, filler and botox provide promising results, yet they involve risks of a surgery.

Cosmetic surgeries