3 Tips To Enjoy Bed Rest During Pregnancy


Every pregnancy is different and so are the conditions of a woman’s body when she is expecting her child. Not all the pregnancies and in fact lot of them are tough hence pregnancy complications are almost inevitable.

Tips To Enjoy Bed Rest During Pregnancy

According to studies nearly 30 % of the women are advised bed rest during their pregnancies at some point of time. This bed rest could stretch from one week to a couple of months and sometimes for full 8-9 months till the time of delivery.

Why Pregnancy Bed Rest:

A bed rest in pregnancy essentially means that the mother to be has to spend a major time the day lying in the bed, giving rest to the body as much as possible. Your doctor may advice you bed rest depending on the problem or complication you might be facing right now or in the near future. It is advised to minimize the risks to fetus as well as mother.

A bed rest Is usually prescribed under special circumstances if there is a risk of preterm labor or a low lying placenta or a weak cervix. Also if the ultrasound shows a growth problem with the baby or the mother suffers from high blood pressure then she may be advised to take as much rest as possible.

Why Pregnancy Bed Rest

How To Cope Up With Bed Rest:

Taking full time bed rest is s tough task to do especially if the person has been an active being. It is boring to lie in the bed with restricted movements and usually depresses the patient. Here are a few interesting tips to manage bed rest and yet enjoy your pregnancy thoroughly without falling into depression.

While on bed rest try to connect with your family members around you. Do not isolate yourself by being confined to a single room. You can choose a daybed or a comfortable couch in the common or living area of the house so that you keep a watch on the activities around you also.

How To Cope Up With Bed Rest

Call you friends over and have a chit chat with them in the evening. This will help you get rid of boredom and manage pregnancy depression that usually crops up as a result of being confined to one place for a longer timeAsk your doctor what activities are allowed and what all are restricted for you while on bed rest. If permitted you can utilize this golden time for taking up your long forgotten hobbies. Once the baby arrives, you will probably not get time for anything else in the world.You can immerse yourself in reading, painting, movies, sketching or anything that you cherish doing. Also involve your partner or the older child while carrying out these activities. It is surely a good way to bond with them while doing this.Lastly, your digestive system will go for a toss if you are physically immobile while in bed. Hence it is important to take special care of your diet during this phase. Eat light meals and snacks throughout the day instead of a heavy meal.Stay away from fried and sugary stuff as it will help you put on weight as it is difficult to burn calories being physically inactive.