Tips To Fight Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy


The term Diabetes refers to the medical condition when the body is either deficit or produces excessive insulin resulting in the abnormal increase or decrease of the sugar level inside the body.

Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy

Diabetes can either be a genetically transferred disease or environmental factors like unhealthy lifestyle, over eating, stress etc can also be the cause of diabetes. Gestational diabetes is the condition when expectant mothers are diagnosed with diabetes.The digested food gets converted in to glucose and is again broken down by the insulin secreted by our pancreas and gets converted in to energy. In case the pancreas stops secreting enough Insulin in to the blood, the level of glucose increases causing high blood sugar.On the visa versa, if there is over production of Insulin in the body, too much break down of glucose will again lower the sugar level causing low blood sugar. In gestational diabetes this condition arises when the hormonal changes that occur due to pregnancy fail to make the cells responsive to insulin.

During pregnancy the intake of food increases as the body also has to provide nutrition to the young embryo. This condition instructs the pancreas to secret more of insulin for the conversion of the extra glucose produced in the digestion of food.In normal cases the pancreas follow the instruction to dutifully produce the extra amount of insulin required but in case the pancreas fail to produce the correct amount of insulin, the blood glucose level rises resulting in Gestational diabetes. Unlike normal diabetes, gestational diabetes is a short time phase that will disappear after child birth.However, occurrence of this condition does indicate that the individual is prone to diabetes and might have to face the problem later in her life. When are looking for tips to fight the condition of gestational diabetes, we need to identify the type of diabetes we are dealing with.


Tips For Fighting Gestational Diabetes

Identification Of The Type Of Gestational Diabetes

The symptoms of Diabetes during the period of pregnancy, remains the same as in case of normal diabetes with loss of weight, thirstiness, increasing urination etc. However there can be of two types – Type A1, which just requires a slight change in the food habit to keep control of the sugar level.

Type A2 is a little riskier form of diabetes that requires medicine and some times insulin injections to be taken for control of the sugar level. The first step towards fighting gestational diabetes is screening and identification of the types of diabetes. This is the reason why every pregnant woman is subjected to a Glucose screening test in between the 24th and 28th weeks. In case of a positive identification, the woman is advised for glucose tolerance test.

Identification Of The Type Of Gestational Diabetes

Treatment For The Problem

Once the diabetic problem has been confirmed three simple steps will help in controlling the sugar levels in pregnant women. They are-

Proper Diet

A dietician or diabetes regulator will help in preparing a meal plan that will have all the components required to maintain a healthy diet that would also nourish the baby in the womb. The meal plan will have a chart of all the food items that should be or should not be taken and also at what timings because during pregnancy, repeated intake of food at regular intervals is a must to keep both the mother and the baby nourished.In such case cutting on to excessive sweets, aerated juices will be advisable. More intakes of non starchy vegetables like Broccoli, artichokes, green beans will provide the essential nutrition to the baby while taking care of the starch content of the mother’s body.The diet of a pregnant woman with gestational diabetes should have not more than 175 Gms of carbohydrate that needs to be distributed in the meals and should not exceed more than 30- 45 Gms per meal.

The other thing that needs to be taken care of in such diabetic conditions is avoiding the intake of huge amounts of fruits at a time. Although fresh fruits are healthy sources of fibres and essential nutrients, large portions of food taken at a time might jump the sugar levels in the blood.Protein intake during this period needs to be high. Proteins while taking care of the healthy growth of the baby in the womb also has minimal affects on the blood sugar level. Low fat milk, meat, yogurt etc are some of the protein rich nutritious food that should be inducted in the diet plan.Omega 3 fatty acids have positive affect in decreasing the sugar levels in pregnant women. These fatty acids are also essential for the growth and development of the baby’s eyesight and brain. Under the advice of the physician, naturally occurring Omega 3 fatty acids should be regularly taken.

Proper Diet

Physical Exercise

Any kind of physical exercise that is not strenuous to the body is advisable for pregnant women. Walks, small exercises, meditation are some forms which are highly recommended. Water aerobic exercises are another form of physical activity that many physicians recommend.

Water with its unique physical properties helps women to perform activities with ease and without imparting any strain on the already stressed body parts. In whatever form physical exercise is done care should be taken that the exercises are under the supervision and guidance of an expert.

Physical exercise

Intake Of Insulin

Insulin is required when a woman suffers from type A2 gestational diabetes. Since during pregnancy, any kind of medications might have an adverse affect on the child’s growth; physicians prefer to directly inject the required amount of insulin in to the blood stream.

Insulin is not harmful for the bay and it will not move form the blood stream to the womb and in to the baby’s blood stream. The final step in fighting Gestational diabetes is to regularly monitor the sugar level in the blood stream. Besides check ups and glucose tolerance tests, a personal glucose-monitor will help in keeping check of the sugar level.

Intake of Insulin