Tips To Manage Hip Pain In Pregnancy


Pregnancy though a beautiful phase brings with it lot of unexpected physical discomfort. Painful hips is one of the most common pregnancy related discomfort.

Hip Pain In PregnancyHeaviness in the bottom and hip pain is extremely common in pregnancy owing to the excess body weight carried by the pelvic region. The hip pain gets even worse while sleeping and often leads to sleepless nights and day time tiredness.

Hip pain is more common in the later stages of pregnancy when the body weight increases rapidly resulting in heaviness and pain in pelvic area as well as in the back and hips.

There is no certain cause behind the pregnancy hip pain, but it is mainly due to a hormone called relaxin that is released during pregnancy to prepare the body for the coming months.

Relaxin helps loosen the pelvic area making the hips broader to accommodate the fetus well inside.All this stretching and weight gain may often result in increased pressure on the hips hence the pain and discomfort.However, hip pain can be taken care of by some simple steps and necessary precautions:

Take Plenty Of Rest:

It is important to take plenty of rest in the day time if the pain is not letting you sleep well in the night. If you have a busy day or you get tired working whole day,the pain would be worse in the night. Hence a good amount of rest is essential to avoid the pain.

Take Plenty Of Rest

Sleep Posture:

Your sleeping posture also contributes in increasing or relieving the pain and discomfort. It is advisable to sleep on the sides instead of sleeping on your back. Also, put a soft and large pillow between your legs to ease off the pressure on the hips and pelvic area.The bed should be comfortable with a padded mattress to support the body.

Sleep Posture

Walking And Mild Exercise:

Regular walking at a slow pace in the day may help you relax and get rid of the pain. If you experience any discomfort while walking avoid and indulge in other enjoyable activities such as yoga, Pilates, stretching and some floor warm up exercises. These will not only help improve the flexibility of the body but will also keep the spine erect and ensures relief from pregnancy back pain.

Walking And Mild Exercise

Alternative Treatments:

To ease off any pain during pregnancy there are a lot of alternative treatments available.These are particularly beneficial when you cannot take a pain relieving medicine at this stage of pregnancy.Heat treatment or light massage in the hip area are extremely soothing and help you feel relaxed and comfortable. Placing a hot water bottle under the pelvic area helps relieve the pain instantly.

Also acupressure and therapeutic chiropractic massages are excellent to get rid of pains and discomfort during pregnancy and help you prepare for a smooth and easy labor. If the severity of the pain is high it is important to inform your doctor so that she can rule out any other cause behind the pain.There are many types of support belts and crutches available to support your back and pelvis at this stage.The doctor may also suggest non medicinal treatments like physiotherapy to relax and ease the pain till you deliver the baby.

Alternative Treatments