4 Tips To Remember Before Download Yoga Videos

Tips To Download Yoga Videos

Whether you want to lose weight, desire to tighten your abs to flaunt that killer dress, or just want to enjoy an overall well being, yoga can prove to be the ideal solution.  However, with the busy life that most people lead these days, it often becomes almost impossible to go to a yoga class or hire a yoga teacher and set a specific time aside each day to practice the poses.

Tips To Download Yoga Videos

If you identify with these problems but still want to benefit from yoga, you can take your search online to find and download yoga videos, which will serve as a guide and help you through the steps of each yoga posture. However, before you download yoga videos, there are certain tips that you should keep in mind to make the most of your yoga sessions.

Identify Your Needs And Problem Areas

There exists a wide variety of yoga poses, each catering to a specific need. Blindly picking any pose and doing it won’t be of much help. So, your first step is to identify what your needs and problems are.

A person wishing to beat stress and improve concentration power would need a set of yoga poses that will be different from the one who wants to strengthen his back muscles or tone his abs. Moreover, unless you have a clear understanding of what you want, you won’t be able to search with the right keywords to find useful yoga video for download.

Needs And Problem Areas

Use Specific Search Phrases

Using general search phrases like download yoga videos, useful yoga video download, free yoga videos download etc may not yield the desired results as such generic search terms will show sites that offer a lot of yoga videos, sieving through which to find your desired postures would be a cumbersome task, to say the least.

So, to cut down on your search time and effort, use keywords that are relevant to your needs. For instance, if you wish to find videos that can help you get started with yoga, typing search phrases like beginners’ yoga video download (this is too generic a search phrase though), download beginner abs yoga videos, download mediation videos etc would help you to locate the right videos that will fit your requirements.

Download Yoga Videos

Take Your Pick

Once your search has yielded results, it’s time to take your pick. It may often become daunting to choose from the many results that are displayed by the search engines as each appears to be equally good as the others. However, since you can’t do them all, it’s better to pick and choose from them based on what will suit your body type and endurance levels.

For beginners, it’s better to download yoga videos that teach simple postures as going for too demanding workouts may cause injury or strain to the muscles. However, those who have been practicing yoga poses for quite some time or are pros can opt for somewhat complex postures that encourage them to take their practice to the next level. Before you download yoga videos, you can compare a few sites that teach the same poses, albeit with a difference as far as value addition is concerned.

For example, some sites may offer yoga videos that simply take you through the steps of a particular pose while some others may help you to understand the finer aspects of each pose like how should you breathe during the posture, where to hold your breath, inhale or exhale, and even show the wrong pose that users often end up doing.

Thus, by opting for the latter one, you not only gain knowledge of how to steer clear of the wrong pose but can even understand the right breathing technique that forms an integral part of the yoga regimen.

Some sites that let you download yoga videos may go even a few steps further to describe the right diet, which in turn will help you to ensure that your body is getting the right nutrition. You may even find yoga videos for download where an exercise comes bundled with other matching sets to help you gain the most of your practice schedule.

For example, when you are searching for yoga poses to strengthen your shoulder and back muscles, you may come across sites that offer videos where useful poses like Viparita Karani, Matsyasana, Dhanurasana, and exercises like rotation of shoulder blades, static neck and shoulder exercises etc come bundled together so that by downloading a single video, your purpose is served and you no longer need to search for a video for every asana that you wish to do.

Practicing Yoga Poses

Opt For Trusted Sites

Since there will be a million websites offering you the same yoga poses, it pays to download yoga videos from trusted sites. Fly-by-night sites or the ones that have sprung up newly may often send malware or viruses with the videos and while you run them to practice your poses, your entire system may get infected or worse, get hacked.

So, it pays to play safe and download yoga videos only from highly rated, trusted sites. You can easily locate such sites by following some of the yoga forums or seeking help from members of such forums and other online yoga discussion boards.

Trusted Sites


The World Wide Web is a gold mine when it comes to downloading yoga videos. Be it yoga for the kids, yoga for elderly people or pregnant women, you can get them all and more by browsing through various sites.With a wide range of yoga postures on offer, starting from everyday yoga that anyone can perform, to the ones that only very fit and agile persons can practice, you will have a plethora of choices to take your pick from.

However, you need to have clarity of vision and mission to make the right choice and benefit from the chosen videos to the optimum.So, make an informed choice by remembering the above points when you download yoga videos. Here’s wishing you good luck!